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The Amalfi Coast is an amazing stretch of coastline located on the Southern Coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula and has attracted people from around the world due to it’s natural beauty, crystal clear waters and vibrant culture. Are you thinking of going there?

In this post, I have suggested my top things to do, places to eat and how much it will cost. Hope you enjoy the Amalfi Coast as much as I did and if you have any questions or comments feel free to chat on twitter.

What are my top  things to do in the Amalfi Coast?

  • Explore the beautiful village of Positano by foot. The majority of my stay was in this village which was built around a deep gorge. You’ll see bright coloured houses built into the cliffside with little walking trails (mainly stairs) leading you to various places around the village . I found that no matter where I was standing in Positano, I was always faced with a breathtaking view of the the coastline, coloured houses, beach and acqua-coloured water. If you want more of a guided walk, you can do walking tours for about 20 Euros or private tours for 50 Euros. Christine, our guide, knew so much about the Positanese culture that it made me want to learn more!

The view of Positano by speed boat

  •  Take a boat tour to the Isle of Capri and take a walk around the charming village of Anacapri. The Isle of Capri is an enchanting island which is a 30 minute boat ride from the Positano beach.  It’s most famously known for it’s panoramic views , crystal clear waters and is a hot spot for celebrities and tourists alike. To get to the Isle of Capri, we hired a speed boat tour where we joined 5 other people. It cost us 50 Euros per person. This included a guided tour around a number of other destinations (see point 5 for details). When we arrived at Marina Grande (the port), we saw coloured boats and luxurious yatchs. The most beautiful part of Capri is Anacapri, which is located at the top of the island and looks like a village straight out of a fairytale. You can get to Anacapri through a number of ways. The island has been built mainly for pedestrians so you can walk for a few hours as you soak in the views. You can also take a funicular chairlift, bus or taxi. We chose to go there by bus, which was the most cost effective way, but be aware of the fact that although the bus time table says that there is a bus that arrives and departs every 5 minutes, this is just a guideline! We waited 40 minutes for a bus and we almost missed our boat back.

The fairy tale buildings of of AnaCapri

  • Guided boat tour: The Amalfi Coast is set by the sea, so the best view of this coastline is by water! We decided to book a deluxe speed boat tour called Capri Speciale which allowed us to visit the Green Grotto, swim in the White Grotto, and take a gondola ride inside the famous Blue Grotto. The boat also took us to Capri and back to Positano in style! When booking a boat, consider the weather conditions because boats will not travel during rough seas or rainy weather. We paid 50 Euros per person for our boat tour with 5 other people. If you have your own group, you can also book private tours. If you’re on your own or with a small group you can book the ferry for 30 Euros per person. Note that the Ferry only takes you to Capri so if you pay the extra 20 Euros per person, you get a guided tour, get there faster by speed boat and also stop by other amazing sites. If the weather permits, you may even get to go for a swim so bring your bathing suit and enjoy the cool, blue water!

Panoramic views of Anacapri

  • Spend time on the beach: We spent the majority of our time at Positano just wandering around the quirky shops near the beach and sunbathing by the calm waters! If you want to relax, you can grab a gelati and just sit and watch the boats and ferries come in from the ocean or grab your swim suit and jump into the cool waters!

Black sand beaches of Positano, perfect for eating gelati or sunbathing!

  • Visit PompeiiPompeii is a magnificent city located 2 hours away from Positano. Pompeii was a Roman city that was hit by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD when it erupted and buried the city completely in ash. The city was  discovered in the 1700s and has since been an amazing site to see. What fascinated me about this city is that many of the buildings have been left in tact, with many of these structures bearing strong resemblance to the modern world. The bars, the schools, the homes, the amphitheater and paintings show us remnants of an advanced civilisation full of people with varying backgrounds and social classes, much like it is today. You can get to Pompeii by car if you’re keen for a road trip, but being honeymooners, we chose to take a tour and not worry about getting around the mountainous region. It’s up to your sense of adventure! Costs – It will cost you 11 Euros to visit the city and additional if you want to book a tour.

View from Mount Vesuvius

  •  Climb Mount Vesuvius: Many tours will provide you with the experience of being able to visit the volcanoe that caused catastrophe to the city of Pompeii. It’s an easy 50 minute walk as you use the wide, winding paths to help you on your way. I found myself stopping every now and then to marvel at the beauty of this once active volcano. The costs to climb Mount Vesuvius is 8 Euros in addition to any tour that you take. If you want to combine your Pompeii and Vesuvius tour just like we did, have a look at Sunland Viaggi e Turismo. The tour cost us 50 Euro and we were with a tour group of about 40 people. The entrance tickets to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius is an additional 19 Euros combined. This tour was great because we had a private transfer take us from our hotel in Positano to Amalfi where we met the bus. The bus then took us to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius and back to Amalfi. The private transfer was there waiting as we returned from the tour to take us back to our hotel in Positano. The bus ride itself was amazing because we could take in all the views of the Amalfi Coast. Try to sit on the left of the bus, unless you’re scared of heights.

Where and what to eat?

The Amalfi Coast has an amazing array of fresh food, but what I ate the most was the freshly made pasta! We asked our hotel to suggest places to eat, and we were not disappointed. Here are some of my favourite places:

  • For fresh Panini sandwiches, we found a little store near Hotel Villa Franco in Positano. It’s a family run convenient store where they use fresh ingredients to make these delicious panini sandwiches filled with prosciutto, chunks of buffalo mozzarella, mint leaves, juicy, red tomatoes, and drizzled with home made olive oil. My husband and I loved it so much that we ate this every day as a snack! Bear in mind that we had done a lot of walking so an extremely large sandwich always gave us a boost of energy. The store also sold home made limoncello; a lemon flavoured liquor made famous by this region. Definitely try it but be warned that it’s strong!
  • For delicious pasta and pizzas, visit Constantine, which is a family run restaurant set high above the mountains. This was recommended to us by our hotel concierge who organised, free of charge, for a driver to pick us up and take us to Constantine. The meals were so delicious that I ordered a second seafood pasta dish!
  • For traditional Southern Italian food, La Tagliata was a favourite of mine. What was special about this restaurant is that it did not have a menu. They served a degustation of seasonal fresh food including a selection of salads, cheeses, grilled meats, pastas, fresh vegetables, and traditional desserts coupled with Italian wines and the famous limoncello. Since this restaurant is located high up in the mountains, the view is absolutely amazing! But that is a given anywhere in the Amalfi Coast! If you want to eat here, I suggest eating a light lunch because the food that they bring out could feed an army!

My favourite part of the Amalfi Coast is definitely the coastal views! What is yours?

If you have any questions or comments, comment below or ask me on twitter!

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