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Don’t you love places that remind you of childhood dreams that have come true to life? For me, this was Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France.

There are so many gardens in Paris but luckily we stumbled upon this place during our first day of exploring this charming city. I felt like I was walking into a Mary Poppins scene – the scene where Bert draws a picture in the park and the children jump through it to a magical world… (did I mention that I loved Walt Disney?)

The music man was playing his music box at the front of Jardin du Luxembourg…

Music man at Jardin du Luxembourg

and then when I walked into the garden, there was a gentle breeze causing the leaves to flutter while an orchestra played classical music in the background. We sat by a tree to listen to the orchestra play and then wandered around the manicured gardens, where the Luxembourg Palace stood grand and tall…

Luxembourg Palace and Gardens

We were in our own little heaven! We stretched our legs on the sun chairs that faced the pond and watched parents help their small children play with the model boats in the water…

Jardin Du Luxembourg - sailing model boats in the large octagonal basin

Every now and then you would see the children pushing the model boats back into the water with ease. I often wandered how the boats stayed afloat… no matter how much force the child used, it always managed to pick itself back up and continue floating down the basin…

Jardin du Luxembourg - model boats moving with the wind

We also enjoyed the ancient statues that this garden had on display… my favourite is the Fontaine de l’Observatoire by the famous artist Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. The four women holding the world represents the four corners of this world and to me the horses look like they represent our struggles in life as the horses attempt to stay above water… either way, this caught my eye and was one of my fondest memories in Jardin du Luxembourg!

Fontaine de l'Observatoire by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - isn't it timeless?!

Have you been to a city that has sparked a childhood memory or made you feel like you were in a Walt Disney classic movie? 

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“A dream is a wish your heart makes” – Cinderella