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If I were to live in France, I would choose the charming city of Nice. Nice is one of the largest cities in France and forms part of the French Riviera. We spent some time there in May, just as the weather was heating up, so it was the perfect time to explore and live like a local.

Although most tourists use Nice as a base to explore other parts of the French Riviera, we actually spent time wandering, around eating the food and soaking in the atmosphere.

walking along the parks in Nice

Soak in the sun at Promenade Des Anglais

One of my favourite places in Nice was the ever popular Promenade des Anglais. We used to love walking along the Promenade at all times of the day, eating a gelati or a pastry from the many french bakeries nearby. My favourite was the chocolate flan – I was happy to eat this for breakfast too!

eating chocolate flan at the Promenade Des Anglaise

There really isn’t that much to do at the Promenade but sit in the sun and watch the water crashing against the pebbled beach, take a bike ride, or have a swim in the cool, blue waters of the sea. I like it that way!

The Promenade Des Anglaise

Go for a walk at Le Chateau

Le Chateau used to be a beautiful palace in the 1700s but all that is left is ruins and a man made waterfall. That didn’t stop us from doing the walk up the 200+ stairs of Le Chateau so that we could experience the best view of Nice!

Taking a break as we make our way to the top of Le Chateau

We started walking up during 30 degree heat so drinking lots of water was a must. I even stopped to rest along the way but that was okay because the views were amazing every step of the way. When we reached the top, the panoramic views of the city and the sea were breathtaking.

Panoramic views of Nice and the sea from Le Chateau

For those who do not want to climb the stairs but want to experience the panoramic views of Nice, you can pay about 1 Euro for an elevator up.

Old Town “Vieux Nice”

Right next to Le Chateaux was “Old Town”, also known as “Vieux Nice”. We couldn’t get enough of Old Town, with it’s narrow, cobble-stoned roads and historic architecture.

We seemed to discover new restaurants and bakeries every time we walked through Old Town and even had a routine of trying a new gelati flavour ever day. It was at the same gelati store in the middle of Old Town that had so many amazing flavours – surprisingly (or not surprisingly) bubblegum was mine! Then we’d sit in the square and watch the Brazilian dancers do their street performance for each outdoor restaurant. I used to do Samba classes so this was amazing to me! We’d be tapping our feet to the beat and almost felt like getting up to dance at times. Oh Nice – it’s so multicultural! I love it.

Old Town in Nice

If you decide to walk around Old Town, try the hazlenut crepes that the french are most famous for and check out the farmers market. There is an abundance of fresh foods to taste and flowers to see. You won’t be able to pry yourself away.

Don’t forget to walk around Nice at night. It might feel a little unsafe so try to walk around with someone or stay in the areas where there is  a lot of light. The fountains look much different at night because they light up. In fact everything lights up and you feel like you’re in a completely different world! The street performers are out singing or playing their drums and the people are still in outdoor cafes and restaurants chatting away.

Nice by night

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d also live in Lyon, France! Check out my post about magical Lyon if you want a glimpse of this charming city. If you want a taste of the Italian riviera instead, check out my post about the beautiful Cinque Terre.

Feel free to share any travel stories or thoughts by following me on twitter, commenting and subscribing to this blog. Util then, I’ll leave you with my favourite quote of the day…

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Happy travels!