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Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations for honeymooners and history fans! There are so many things to love about Paris which keeps you wanting to see more…

See the famous the Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge has been around for decades and still manages to bring in large crowds. We asked the hotel to book us a taxi so that we were able to see Paris by night. Paris never sleeps! Once the sun goes down, the buildings are lit up and light engulfs the city.

I was excited to see the famous Moulin Rouge windmill in bright lights. We both could not contain our excitement so the half hour wait in line didn’t seem so bad.

The famous Moulin Rouge windmills

When we finally entered the Moulin Rouge, it was entertaining in so many ways; the cabaret music, the can-can dancers, the lead characters miming to french songs, and the talking dog in between acts.

We were seated close to the front of the room, and placed on a table for 6 – quite squashed but nothing I couldn’t work with. The couple next to us kept toasting each other with their wine glasses, which I thought was so sweet… well that is until the top-less can-can dancers came out in their jewelled outfits and huge, feathery head pieces. Suddenly, the man stopped toasting mid-air and got a big smack on the hand by his unimpressed wife!

Having said that… there is nothing seedy about the Moulin Rouge so don’t be afraid to check it out, if only for the comedic entertainment value!

  • Tip: If you ask your hotel to call you a taxi, be prepared to pay for the time that it takes the taxi to get to your location. They charge from the moment that the call is made so hopefully your taxi is close by!

Visit the Eiffel Tower

When I think about Paris, I always think about the  Eiffel Tower. It’s one of the most famous landmarks that this city has to offer so we thought we’d do the typical tourist thing and order tickets online to avoid the queue. It was on my to-do list but I did not expect to be so excited by the energy surrounding the Eiffel Tower. Let’s just say that we spent 6 hours at the Eiffel Tower taking photos of it from every angle possible! Here are some of my favourites.

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Rick and I on front of the Eiffel Tower

The Champs Elysees

The Champs Elysees is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Paris and is known for it’s historical architecture and shopping venues! We spent an entire day here taking photos of the gold statues, bridges and buildings.

Opéra de Paris – Paris’s Opera House

If you love shopping like I do, then Galeries Lafayette is the place for you! You may want to try the delicious french macaroons that they have in many delicious flavours!

The Seine River Cruise

The Seine River cruise was the best way to see Paris’ historical landmarks from a different angle. We opted for a narrated tour so that we could sit back, relax and take lots of photos. The cruise was not that romantic because there were so many tourists on the boat, but we still had fun taking in the sights.

view from Seine River Cruise
  • Tip: You can book your Seine River cruise when you get to Paris, and is located right next to the Eiffel Tower. The cruises leave every hour but the dinner cruises are the most popular so try to book those in advance. Here are the different types of cruises that you can take.

The Lourve

The Lourve was the highlight of Paris for us. We spent 8 hours there both inside and out…

Either sitting by the glass pyramid made famous by the Da Vinci Code…

The Lourve seen at 10.30pm at night! The sun is still out. I love spring!

or roaming through the corridors looking at renaissance paintings and Greek statues…

Statues inside the Lourve

We used an audio guide to take us to the main places around the Lourve and to give us an overview about each piece of art work. In fact, we used the audio guide for so long that the batteries ran out and we had to get a replacement after only 6 hours… there’s just too much to see!

There’s the Mona Lisa with her prize winning smile…

The Mona Lisa is much smaller in real life than you think!

and my favourite painting called Napoleon’s Coronation

Napoleon’s Coronation

You can even stand in Napaleon’s grand bedroom… (it’s so surreal)…

Napoleon’s Bedroom preserved at the Lourve, Paris

I’d happily walk around the Lourve for hours and never get bored! Even this guy found a way to enjoy the fountains…

Guy walking through the fountains at the Lourve… check out the sign on the left 🙂

Do you think Paris is for romance or for history fans or a bit of both?

I think that every place can have something for everyone. In fact, Paris speaks to the history buffs and those looking for romance… check out my posts about Venice or the Amalfi Coast and let me know how they compare.

If you have any questions, follow me on twitter or send me a note below. Happy travels!!

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