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I thought that I would dedicate this post to a very important person in my life – my mum!! So mum, if you’re reading this, have an amazing birthday and cheers to many more amazing birthdays ahead! I love you mum!

Facts about my mum!

  • Mum is very smart. She graduated with a Commerce degree but she has always said that her biggest success is her children. My sister and I had a nanny until I was 4 years old, until mum decided to take care of us full time. She’s never looked back and we’re better kids for it.
  • Mum is one of 11 children, which is probably why she’s so patient and another reason why family has always come first for her!
  • She married my dad when she was 21. They were high school sweethearts and the love story continues 29 years on.
  • Her name is Flore which means Flower in Spanish. This is a perfect name for her because like a flower, she is beautiful, has a quiet calm presence and can make you feel happy even when you have had a horrible day
  • She raised 4 children with kindness, care and consideration. We’re all grown up now and still come back to mum for guidance. I hope that when I have children, I can be a mother just like her.
  • She will always believe in you. There is a poster on the wall of our house which mum made on the computer which says “Believe in yourself and follow your dreams”. I didn’t even know that she knew how to use a computer back then – it’s been on our wall since I was at least 14!
  • She is as smart as she is wise. She always seems to know the answer and help you on your way when she thinks you may not be making such a good decision.
  • She loves shopping, which is probably where I gained my aptitude for finding a bargain
  • She is a great cook, we love eating the traditional Filipino foods like pansit, adobo, and leche flan (my favourite!)
  • She is the best mum a girl can ever have!

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