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On a holiday in Peru a few years ago, I was supposed to do something relaxing in Cusco like get a massage and then go horse back riding in Sacred Valley, but I just wanted to live a little dangerous this time. When I visit a new country, my rule is to try new activities and do as they do. So, it was fun to jump onto a quad bike and practice driving one around a seemingly easy stretch of grassland.

Quad biking in Cusco, easy right?

That’s what I thought anyway! Until I realized that it was the start of our journey and was used as a practice run. When we were done practicing, our lovely instructor took us onto a busy highway where we drove a long side other vehicles…including buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, Alpacas… you name it! And if you’ve ever been to Peru, you will know that constant beeping is also part of the road rules. Did I mention that there are no road rules?!

Rick and I quad Biking in Cusco - muy divertido (very fun)!

I was first in line – well mainly because I almost drove myself off the mountain side so needed a bit of help steering. The instructor would jump on the back of my bike every now and then to steer me in the right direction so that I veered away from the cows in the path and yapping dogs that ran next to my quad bike (I kept screaming out “Go away, I haven’t had my rabbies vaccination yet!”). We even drove through some puddles and balanced on two wheels as we waved to local villagers who had set up house in the beautiful mountain side. Again, luckily for me, I was at the front. The people behind us ended up wearing most of the dust that I generated from my movements. We still made it to the top of the mountain in one piece. Isn’t the view spectacular?!

We got to the top of the mountain, hoorah!

Just having a little break from quad biking

I read a post today about putting on your “awe” on, so I thought that I would start sharing my stories about Peru. This was one of the first times that I had no fear and decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone (and maybe out of my mind) and something no-one expected me to do! Kind of like the time I decided to dangle from the tree tops in the Daintree rain forest ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you done something that was completely out of your comfort zone? If so, what was it?

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