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The beach at Positano

When we went to Positano, we took a walking tour with our friendly tour guide, Christine. As I mentioned in previous posts, the best way to see Positano is by walking, so this tour was the perfect way to see this beautiful region. It turns out that Christine used to live in Sydney too and traveled around Europe where she met her husband and set up house. He is from a family that has been in Positano for generations so it was great to understand more about Positano from a local’s perspective! What I found most interesting about this tour is that Christine knew so much about the history of Positano and could tell you things about this beautiful city that you would not be able to learn in books.

We were there in May, so Positano was busy with European tourists on their Easter break, yet it was not quite tourist season for the rest of the world. This was perfect for us because we could avoid crowds but still enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and beach!

View of Positano by boat!

During our tour, we spotted a family of 3 ducks and asked Christine where they came from. We didn’t think that ducks spent much time on a beach where many boats come and go. She told us that these ducks are from the Amalfi Coast and spend their winter months a few towns down the beach. They only return when it is tourist season, almost as if they were there to greet the tourists. They definitely make their presence known and do not seem scared when approached by us. It had been raining in Positano for 4 days and I found it amazing that the day after we saw the 3 ducks, the weather cleared up and for the first time that week, the ocean was calm enough for a boat trip to Ana Capri. The ducks were right!

Positano beach - hello ducks!

Are you a fan of places where there are a lot of tourists or when it is quiet and relaxing? I like both!