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Sometimes the most beautiful sites to see is right in your own back yard or in my case, my own home city. Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches and well-known by tourists and locals for its panoramic views of the ocean and buzzing life style. You’ll see surfers and sunbathers, families and friends having picnics, life savers watching the water and people lunching at the nearby cafes and pubs. There’s something for everyone.

Rick and I soaking in some sun at Bondi Beach

Recently, Bondi Beach hosted the event called Sculptures by the Sea where artists are able to show case their work across the length of this beautiful beach. It was a beautiful day in Sydney so Rick and I decided to soak in some sun and visit the temporary “museum” that was Bondi Beach. It’s free by the way, so if you’re in Bondi over the next couple of weeks, you should check it out!

The epic views of Bondi Beach at the start of the Sculptures by the Sea

We started off by eating a delicious seafood basket and balanced it with a bottle of water, just to get some strength for the long walk ahead. There were thousands of people around making their way to the sculptures. This made for an entertaining walk. We past a family of Zebras at the start of our journey…

Sculptures by the Sea - Zebras, Bondi Beach 2011

and a large wind chime…

Sculptures by the Sea - wind chime

We even spotted a man and his dog enjoying the views that Bondi Beach had to offer…

Sculptures by the Sea - Domestic Bliss

And this one which was one of my favourites called “Angel is born”…

Sculptures by the Sea - Angel is born

There were other beautiful art works which looked perfect with the sea as their backdrop…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

This is one of my favourites, the little boy just couldn’t understand how the giant nail was stuck in the cliff side! He was so determined to shift it.

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

We managed to take a photo of this life-sized picture frame before anyone else stood in the frame. Five minutes of waiting and a quick click of the camera is all you need!

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

We sat down to rest and enjoy the view for a while on the beautifully patch worked chair, which we had not realised was also part of the display!

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

We stopped by a miniature house set in the cliff side…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

And a giant skeleton who was hoping to catch some fish…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

As we walked further along the beach and onto the grassy area, we came across some predators in the park…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

A balancing act…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

and stopped by the tap for a drink of water…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

Rick bumped into some friends…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

and then had a rest by these comfortable lounge chairs…

Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi Beach, 2011

We decided not to continue the walk after this because it was starting to rain, so we turned around and walked back to the promenade. As we walked along the promenade, I noticed the graffiti on the walls. I don’t usually notice graffiti but these were amazing and really told you something about Bondi Beach. This mermaid captures the surfing culture at Bondi Beach…

Mermaid on Bondi Beach promenade

This entire wall captures the vibrant life style!

Bondi Beach graffiti

I also really liked this picture of a child eating an ice cream. It’s so life-like, don’t you think?

Bondi Beach graffiti

There’s plenty to do and see at Bondi Beach, so if you aren’t interested in art work, then just drop by for a swim, a surf or family picnic. If you decide to park there, beware of the costly parking fees and limited number of parking spaces available. The best way to get there is by bus and/or train.

How to get there from Sydney City:

Ask the ticket man for a train and rail pass that will take you to Bondi Beach. The pass will give you all the necessary bus numbers that you need to get to Bondi Beach. It will cost you about A$8.50 return.

  • Take a train from Martin Place or Central Station towards Bondi Station (approximately 20 minutes)
  • Take an express bus from Bondi Station to Bondi Beach (approximately 20-40 minutes depending on traffic)
  • Get to Bondi Beach and enjoy the views!

Have you been to the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition? If so, what did you think of it?

I think that the views are comparable to the black sand beaches of Positano. What do you think?