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Good evening everyone! I thought that I would pick up from my previous post about Peru and talk about our journey to Colca Valley; a region which, at its highest point, is 16,100 ft above sea level. This was one of the most difficult parts of the trip for me because I am not used to being in such high altitude. As we climbed higher and higher up the mountains, I felt myself feel slightly ill. The air was extremely thin and I found myself momentarily gasping for air.

However, the bus journey was half the fun! We’d be sitting on that bus for hours watching the scenery change from desert to snow-capped mountains.

On the way to Colca Valley, the sky looks painted! Isn't it beautiful?

View from the bus window

We’d stop and take photos at random places which were not on our itinerary but were just as memorable.

Taking a break on the way to Colca Valley

The beautiful lush countryside of Colca Valley

We even had the chance to see some wildlife along the way. I actually came close to this llama… or is it an alpaca? Either way, he didn’t feel uncomfortable standing next to me and my camera.

Alpaca or llama? Either way, he's still so cute.

I remember sitting in the bus for hours in complete silence and awe until we’d stop at a random place to have something to eat and drink. We had been traveling for about 2 hours before doing a pit stop at a restaurant that was set in the middle of this countryside. I had never seen a restaurant that was so far up in the mountains and was nowhere near any village or city, yet was so full of people.

Admittedly, the majority of the people were tourists, but it was in the middle of nowhere! This picture says it all.

Random pit stop on the way to Colca Valley

You can see the beautiful Andes mountains in the background of this restaurant where people would stop and have a cup of coca tea. Coca tea is a herbal tea and is known in Peru for its ability to cure or at least reduce the effects of altitude sickness. I was getting a bad case of altitude sickness, so out of the bus we jumped and into the random restaurant to pick up our cup of tea.

Pitt Stop on the way to Colca Valley. Tea anyone?

Coca tea is great for altitude sickness

After drinking our nutritious coca tea, we all boarded the bus and headed towards our hotel. While others closed their eyes and rested, I kept pointing to the scenery that changed significantly throughout the journey and I’m glad I did because just before we arrived to our destination, I spotted a community of llamas just grazing in the mountains. I enjoy seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Lots and lots of llamas

We did eventually reach the beautiful Colca Valley and the views of the Colca Valley were worth traveling for, but that’s for another post!

The journey is always half the fun! So far in Peru, I’ve traveled by bus, by quad bike and by light aircraftWhat’s your favourite way of traveling? Comment below!

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