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Hi everyone, I’m back from my weekend trip and had so much fun!

I came back to some exciting news. I want to say a big thank you to Meg for nominating me for the versatile blogger award. I also enjoy reading your blog too and look forward to reading more about your journey.

Speaking of journeys, I want to take you on a journey to Melbourne; to a place where you can experience all four seasons in one day, shop until your heart’s content and eat food from all over the world! This is why I am going to take you on a food journey, the other Melbourne adventures can wait for another post.
When Rick and I decided to go to Melbourne to visit my friend Tu, I told her to take us to her favourite places to eat. There were too many to fit into a weekend so we attempted to eat our way through Melbourne one eatery at a time!

Brunch at Birdman Eating

Location: 238 Gertrude Street Fitzroy, VIC 3065
We started the day at Birdman Eating, a place known for its delicious breakfast menu. This place had a funky feel to it and the staff made you automatically feel like you were a mate just popping by for a visit and a bite to eat. When you first walk into Birdman Eating, you notice the reason for its name. There are Birdmen like figures hanging from the roof amongst the flowers. Very artistic indeed!

The "Birdmen" at Birdman Eating

Everything about this place is so artistic and well thought out, from the way that they serve their chai lattes to the music notes that they place under their baked eggs dish.

Chai Latte at Birdman Eating, Melbourne

This meal was as delicious as it looks here!

Baked eggs with pesto pasta and chorizo at Birdman Eating, Melbourne

Baked eggs with venison and mushroom at Birdman Eating, Melbourne

Lamb on Spit, Malvern Rd, Melbourne

Location: 245 Malvern Rd, South Yarra,  Melbourne

I love a good kebab, any time during the day! I could eat it for breakfast if they opened that early in Sydney. For lunch, my friend took us to Lambs on Spit and I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn’t a fancy kebab place, but the meat was tender from being cooked over hot coals, the salad was crunchy and the bread was warm and soft and tasted home-made! We sat in silence and enjoyed the delicious meal until we could eat no more.

Our delicious kebabs and cokes eaten at Lamb on Spit, Melbourne

Maze, by Gordon Ramsey

Location: Level 1, Crown Metropol, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank, (03) 9292 8300

Tu, Amber, Rick and I at Gordon Ramsey's Maze restaurant, Melbourne

We chose a fine dining place for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Rick’s first night in Melbourne. I had been to Melbourne a few times already so I wanted to take him to a restaurant that was owned by his favourite TV chef Gordon Ramsey! Maze exudes elegance and class in every way but what I found most appealing was the food. I have been to a few degustation dinners in my time but never one so varied. Here is the degustation menu:

Maze by Gordon Ramsey, Melbourne, Australia

Here are the cocktails that the girls and I ordered. They tasted sweet and refreshing and looked so pretty too!

It's cocktail time!

Although the portions were small, the food was tasty and we enjoyed every bit of it. My favourite meals were the marinated beetroot with goats curd and the otway pork belly. Each bite was a pleasure and I’m glad that we went to this restaurant but it’s definitely somewhere I’d only need to visit once, just for the dining experience.

This is the marinated beetroot with goats curd, Cabernet Sauvignon vinaigrette, and toasted pine nuts. It was one of my favourite parts of the meal because the goats cheese was a tangy combination when mixed with the other ingredients. The pine nuts add that extra depth of flavour and makes the dish special.

Degustation at Gordon Ramsey's Maze Restaurant, Melbourne

This is the malborough King Salmon tartar, cucumber and peppermint. This was my least favourite dish but only because they didn’t make the salmon the way that I love it – as salmon sashimi! I eat salmon sashimi at my favourite sushi place every week so my expectations of any salmon dish are always high.

Degustation at Gordon Ramsey's Maze, Melbourne

 This is the local asparagus, white polenta and slow cooked duck egg and was one of my favourite dishes. It was also one of Rick’s favourite dishes because he loves eating eggs that are cooked in any way or form! The duck egg had a gooey yet thick consistency that I’ve never experienced before and the yoke had so much flavour. We were left feeling very satisfied with this meal.

Degustation at Gordon Ramsey's Maze restaurant, Melbourne

This is the St Leonards snapper, chopped kipfler potatoes and wild greens. I’m not a big fish eater myself so when I tasted this meal, I didn’t feel too excited. The others loved their fish so please don’t let that deter you from trying this dish. I just prefer my fish battered and with a side of hot chips (or “fries” as my American readers would call them).

Degustation at Gordan Ramsey's Maze Restaurant, Melbourne

For the main, we had a choice of the following:

1. Yarra Valley duck breast, roasted squash, beluga lentils


2. Otway pork belly, white asparagus, soybeans, dashi

Yarra Valley Duck breast

Otway pork belly

I enjoyed the pork belly dish because I delight in eating crunchy crackling. The duck breast was okay for me, only because it was served rare. When I got over the pink colour of the meat, I was able to enjoy my meal. Which of the above mains would you choose?

Now for dessert… we were given the pleasure of two desserts and one complimentary dessert.

This is the Goat’s milk ice cream and freeze-dried berries. The tangy taste of the goats cheese ice cream was a pleasant surprise especially when combined with the sweet berries.

Goat's milk icecream and freeze dried berries

However, my favourite was the coffee ganache, salted caramel and hazelnut icecream. If you’re not a big chocolate/coffee eater, this may be slightly overpowering for you, but if you love chocolate/coffee, then I guarantee that you’ll enjoy this dessert! I surely did!

coffee ganache, salted caramel and hazelnut icecream.

We finished the meal with chocolate balls and caramel centre, a complimentary part of our meal. We washed it down with freshly brewed peppermint tea. It was the perfect end to a perfect night!

Chocolate balls with caramel center

Yum Cha at Crystal Jade for Brunch on Sunday

Location: 154 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Me and Tu - she knows all the great eateries in Melbourne

We woke up at 10.30am to check out of our hotel and make our way to Yum Cha at Crystal Jade on Little Bourke Street. Yum Cha is one of my favourite past times for weekend brunch so in order to impress me, the yum cha had to be good! It definitely met my expectations. We enjoyed having a chat over dumplings and Chinese tea and even managed to find dishes that I didn’t usually eat in Sydney.

For those who are not familiar with yum cha, it is also referred to as dim sum. Small, bite sized dishes such as dumplings are prepared and pushed around on steam carts by servers who then offer it to each table. We usually select a number of our favourite dishes; dim sims (a meat dumpling) and prawn dumplings (prawns in white dumpling wrappers).

Delicious dumplings!

Prawn on bean curd (tofu)

After consuming a large number of dumplings, my friend pointed to a dish that did not look bite sized at all! She was pointing to the oyster mornay. The oyster mornay consists of a giant rock oyster, with a melted cheese and mushroom mornay sauce. I had to share mine with Rick because it was so rich in flavour, but I did thoroughly enjoy the dish.

Me attempting to eat an oyster mornay. It looks like a chicken wing don't you think?

After eating all the savoury dishes, we decided to order mango pudding for dessert. This is a mango based pudding with a jelly like consistency and sweetened, condensed milk poured on top. We had consumed enough sugar to fuel our day of shopping!

Heart shaped mango pudding with sweetened, condensed milk

Little Creatures Dining Hall

Location: 222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Rick and I at Little Creatures Dining Hall, Melbourne (it's so sunny inside!)

After a full day of shopping, we decided to have a low-key dinner at Little Creatures Dining Hall. If you like delicious, fresh food in a funky, casual environment, then Little Creatures Dining Hall is for you. There is a section for sitting by the window and having a casual chat with your friends or a larger, warehouse-like area for a pub-like scene. Everything about this place is unique from the chandeliers made out of beer bottles to the water that is served to you in a watering can.

Home made ginger beer, homemade lemonade and water poured out of a watering can

We ordered home-made ginger beers and home-made lemonades to wash down our pizza and lamb salad. It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend in Melbourne!

Lamb, cous-cous, zucchini, and tomato salad

Chorizo, sweet corn and feta pizza

Thanks for joining me on the food journey. Now, I’d like to know what you think.

  • Out of the above dining experiences, which experience would you choose first and why?
  • Which foods would you like to try, and why?
  • If you’ve been to Melbourne, do you have any restaurant suggestions? I’m always keen to try new foods and places.

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