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View of Tagatay, Philippines

I love volcanoes, and wherever I go, I always try to visit a volcano! So when I took my husband (fiancée at the time) to meet the rest of the extended family in the Philippines, we thought we’d do something touristy. The Taal Volcano was perfect for a small adventure before he had to go on the big adventure of meeting hundreds of my relatives and family friends (I’m not exaggerating). The Taal Volcano is located in the middle of Taal Lake and is also partially filled by water. The Taal Volcano is also near the beautiful city of Tagatay which is known for its picturesque views and friendly locals! Here is my journey to Tagatay and the Taal Volcano…

Where is the food?!

We had flown from Australia a day earlier, so I still felt a little jet lagged. My lovely Aunt (also known as Tita) drove us from the city of Makati to Tagatay in her jeep for 4 hours – if you don’t have a Tita to drive you, you can also take a bus there. We stopped by Jolly Bee, the McDonald’s of the Philippines, to have a delicious breakfast of noodles, pancakes, chicken and rice… I love how in the Philippines, breakfast can also be like dinner!

Tita and I at Jolly Bee

Mum and dad eating at Jolly Bee

 What a view!!

We decided to drop by a few hotels to check out the view and to eat more food! I was really excited to see that they were preparing for a wedding in the hotel. The sky was blue and the weather was a cool 25 degrees.

A wedding in Tagatay, so pretty! We watched them prepare for it.

Charis (Little sis), Omega (Little cousin), Me, Mum, Dad, Rick, Tita

 A nice boat ride on Taal Lake

It was adventure time…We jumped onto a boat…

Adventure time! Little sis and I on the boat.

The boat ride was quite calm down the Taal Lake…

What a calm, peaceful ride!

Well.. until it became very windy and water from the lake was splashing about… we spent most of the boat ride in this position…

Not the hair!!!

How do we get up the Volcano?

Once we arrived at the island, we realized that the only way to the top of the volcano was by walking or by horse back. I was wearing thongs (flip-flops) which was not appropriate for either activity, so I told dad that we had to go by horse back to conserve our energy! My parents are not risk takers and dad is also scared of heights but they did it anyway, they’re so brave!

I'm horse riding up the Taal Volcano

Mum actually went up the Taal Volcano by horse back! Go mum!

The ride up was amazing. We had a few interesting moments where the rest of the horses galloped away from view and I was alone trotting up the volcano with my trusty guide. There was also some misunderstanding with my guide, where he thought that I wanted to make things more exciting. So, he jumped on the back of my horse and galloped up the volcano at lightening speed. I almost lost my hat and was half falling off the horse at times, but it was so much fun!

What do you do when you get to the top?

Well, you take touristy photos of course! Here are my favourites…

You know you're Filipino when you eat pork crackling as a snack...

Rick and I at the top, enjoying the beautiful view.

The views of the Taal volcano are amazing.

My sister is very game!.. I also like this because dad is still eating the pork cracking in the background 🙂

The lake that partially covers the Taal Volcano. You can see the sulfur from the volcano

Rick and I on the Taal Volcanoe again 🙂

We're on top of the world! Well.. on top of the Taal Volcano

Hope that you enjoyed the photos! Tagatay and the Taal Volcano is definitely a must see if you’re in the Philippines and happen to be near Manila. For more information about it, check out this link. I’ll be writing some more posts about my adventures in the Philippines, so stay tuned.

Happy travels!