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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that everyone had a fantastic day with their friends and family, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope that you enjoyed the festive season!

I always look forward to seeing my family and doing the traditional things that we always do every year. This year was great because it was also the first Christmas that we spent with my parents and parent in-laws. Here are the reasons why I love Christmas…

1. The food is always so delicious

My family and extended family love eating which means that they love making food and enjoying it over great conversation. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so we always have a great feast that can last over 24 hours!

The cousins enjoying some food, Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Day lunch 2011

2. There is always a little bit of silliness during the silly season

This is the time that my family takes out the karaoke machine (there is a separate room in my Uncle’s house for this!), plays a few songs on the piano, and generally has a High School Musical moment!

Dad and my cousins playing around with the instruments, Christmas 2011

My siblings with my dad having a beer

3. Everyone is festive

I just love sitting around being festive, taking the random (and not so random) photo, and having a laugh with the family. This Christmas was also extra special because it was Rick and I’s first Christmas as a married couple so we were able to spend Christmas with both sets of parents this year!

Here are some of my favourite pictures.

Rick & and I on Christmas Eve, 2011

My parents, siblings, Rick & my grandma (Nanay)

Tita Baby, Tito Neil, with my grandma (Nanay) and cousins

Most of the extended family pose for another photo, Christmas Eve 2011

Rick's dad and my dad on Christmas Day, 2011

My siblings and I on Christmas Day 2011

Christmas day lunch with the parents in-laws, 2011

Angel in her Christmas jumper, 2011

Casper in his Santa hat... this stayed on his head for a few seconds!

How was your Christmas?!!

Hope that you all enjoy the festive season and that you have a fantastic new year! Bring on 2012!!