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Happy Chinese New Year!

We started the day eating delicious seafood and admiring the views from Sydney’s fish markets, famous for fresh and delicious seafood. We were able to catch up with some of our cousins and their babies while enjoying the warm weather and panoramic views of Pyrmont.

View from Sydney Fish Market

The seafood market is usually buzzing with people, so we secured a table outside at about 11am. We ordered what seemed like tonnes of seafood and devoured it all in less than an hour. I do not kid you when I say that Rick and I ate 1 kg of tiger prawns, 18 shucked oysters and a large box of fried calamari rings between the two of us. I do love my seafood!

Fresh seafood at Sydney Fish Market

Freshly shucked oysters at Sydney Fish Market

Then, we all sat in the sun, under a tree and had a nice chat while the babies jumped around. It was such a perfect day out in Sydney!

Chinese New Year!

My husband’s family celebrates Chinese New Year, so this is my second Chinese New Year since we’ve been engaged! Hopefully I learn enough about their traditions, so that I can pass it onto my children one day.

We started the evening celebration by burning incense and making a prayer for deceased family members. This table was set out as an offering and sign of respect to Rick’s deceased grandparents. When it was my turn to burn incense, I also prayed for my deceased paternal grandfather and maternal grandparents.

Offering to the deceased ancestors - Rick's paternal grandfather and maternal grandparents

We then sat around the table to eat delicious dishes such as lobster tail with ginger and shallots, abalone and Chinese mushrooms, baked fish with herbs, boiled chicken with special sauce, roast duck, and salt and pepper prawns. Dessert included a fluffy chiffon cake made by Uncle Adrian and other sweets that my sister-in-law, Bee, organised. Everything was prepared by a member of the family and made with love – except for the roast duck, which was our contribution and purchased from the nearest Asian restaurant (I’m sure it was made with love too!). I found it interesting how each of these dishes are meant to represent something good, such as happiness, health and wealth. They are not only tasty, but help us to start the year with good luck and joy!

Chinese New Year Banquet, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

So cheers to a happy new year for everyone and their families! I know that my year will be full of adventures and great memories and I wish you all the best too.