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Hi everyone! I’ve arrived in London and it’s beautiful. We arrived at 7am and our friends had organised for a cab to pick us up from Heathrow airport. We were looking out of the window at the scenery and noticing that the snow had melted. I had expected snow so was a bit disappointed but got over that pretty quickly when we drove past landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and past beautiful suburbs with cobble stone roads.

When we arrived in Limehouse, where our friends are based, we quickly freshened up, topped up our oyster card and found our way to Oxford Circus. Oh how I’ve missed Oxford Circus! I had spent time there shopping during my previous visit to London so knew what to expect but this time, I was shopping for a different reason – winter clothes for a 2 year stay. My Australian winter clothes were not made for the London winter so we spent a few hours buying warm gloves, uniqlow jackets and trench coats.ย  We then ate fresh sandwiches at Marks and Spencers for lunch and devoured sushi at Atariya for dinner.

Rick and I at Oxford Circus

Vi and I at Oxford Circus, London

After a long day of shopping and eating, we made our way back to the apartment in the freezing cold and then felt a little speckle of cold on our hands. We looked up to see that it had started to snow! Light snow flakes were falling from the sky and my black winter coat was covered in it. We stayed up to chat, while looking out the window to see if the ground was covered in snow yet, and then went to sleep.

I was so tired that I slept a full 8 hoursย  and awoke to see that the entire place was covered in snow outside. My first experience with snow! This is the view from our window. I think that we are going to love it in London!

The view from our Balcony in London, day 1!