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Rick and I have shifted our entire world in just a space of a month, but that has not stopped us from having amazing parties to celebrate a very important milestone in his life – Rick has turned 30!

He deserves all the happiness in the world because he is such a kind hearted, funny, loyal and loving man. I’m glad that he was able to celebrate his birthday in so many ways and with so many people that care for him.

We celebrated with friends in Sydney and friends in London as his birthday occurred the day before we flew out to London.

We also celebrated with our immediate families – but I didn’t get to take photos as we spent most of the time catching up, eating and then moving out of our home. We also spent time saying bye to the rest of our relatives, colleagues and other friends on separate occasions. We loved catching up with everyone!

Sydney shines bright

Our wonderful friend Shurjo wanted to organize a farewell for us both but also to have a big 30th birthday for Rick at his house. We felt very special that day as Shurjo opened up his home to 35+ people and put together an amazing dinner menu. The party started at 5.30pm with entrees and drinks and then we moved onto dinner and drinks until the early hours of the morning.  It was great to know that we had wonderful friends back at home and many who will come to visit us in London. Here are some of the happy snaps that I took of this big night.

Celebrating London Style

We were literally only in London for 3  days but did not want to waste a minute. Our friends organised a private room in Dehesa so that we could sit and talk  while enjoying good Spanish food and wine. The dining experience lasted 3 hours and at the end of it, everyone sung happy birthday to the birthday boy while he blew out the candle on his dessert. We then put on our dancing shoes and went to a club until the early hours of the morning.

Rick has hit the big 30 milestone! Hurray!

Happy 30th Birthday Rick! Cheers to many more amazing years of happiness, health, family, friends and adventures! Love you!