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Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we’re in the mood —
Cold jelly and custard!
Pease pudding and saveloys!
What next is the question? [Oliver Twist]

Where did I go for this glorious food? I went to Edinburgh on the weekend and sampled so much food glorious food! We also visited some amazing sites and learnt some interesting things about Scottish history, but that is for my next post. Today, I will take you on a food journey… It’s been 3 days since I have left Edinburgh and I am still thinking about the food…

The Doric

  • Website: http://www.the-doric.com/
  • Great for: Fancy pub food. Try the haggis and the Scottish Salmon for a true Scottish experience
  • Read more reviews on Trip Advisor here

Rick on front of The Doric, Edinburgh

My friends and I enjoying our meal at The Doric, Edinburgh

This place has delicious, “fancy” pub food and is great for a quiet drink and a relaxing lunch with friends. After our 3 hour tour, it was nice to be escorted to our table by a very polite waitress who helped us select a number of dishes that would give us the Scottish food experience. According to our tour guide, Haggis was the most Scottish meal that you could try. It’s basically sheeps pluck (minced heart, liver and lungs) with lots of herbs and spices! Sound tempting? 

I didn’t think so either so I opted for the Haggis Spring Rolls just to give me a sampler, followed by a perfectly cooked Scottish Salmon dish. I then washed it down with Scotland’s favourite soft drink, irn-bru. It gave me quite the sugar hit, but like they say “when in Scotland, do as the Scottish do!”…

Haggis spring rolls at the Doric, Edinburgh

Scottish Salmon at the Doric, Edinburgh

Sugar hit from drinking Irn-Bru, Scotland's favourite soft drink

My friends also tried a selection of other delicious foods! I am not exaggerating when I say that we spent a good amount of time discussing the amazing food that we were eating.

Haggis Neeps and Tatties at The Doric, Edinburgh

Home made game pie with truffle oil chips at The Doric, Edinburgh

Traditional Cullen Skink at The Doric, Edinburgh


Vi, Nat and I sampling our girly cocktails - Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Tigerlily is the place to see and be seen. This was my first impression but  not the reason for our decision to dine here. My friends suggested this place for it’s exhaustive cocktail list and tasty menu. Tigerlily is an award winning restaurant that oozes charm and grace. When I first walked through the restaurant, I immediately noticed the romantic, yet trendy feel of the restaurant. There were chanderliers swinging from above our table, ornate table decorations, soft lighting and funky music playing in the background.
We enjoyed freshly shucked oysters, fish, meats and tried to sample every cocktail on the exhaustive cocktail menu…

Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling at Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Sampling delicious cocktails at Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Rick, me, Vi, Nat and Cuong at Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Yum... oysters at Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Tigerlily, Edinburgh

Tigerlily, Edinburgh

The Witchery

After visiting Edinburgh Castle, we were absolutely famished but extremely excited to dine in the restaurant which is located right next to the Castle. The Witchery was a classy place to eat lunch with my friends on Sunday. Sunlight was shining through the large, wooden windows and as I cast my eyes across the room, I could see centre pieces and decorations that reminded me of the Garden of Eden.

I also had what I now proclaim is my favourite dish of all time… *drum roll*… pigs trotters and pigs cheek tourine served with pickled vegetables and toasted bread. I remember seeing this dish on TV last year while watching Jamie Oliver and I swore that if I ever went to the UK, I would try this! Who would have thought that this would become my favourite dish of all time? I just love traveling! It opens your eyes and your stomach to so many new things!

The Witchery, Edinburgh

The Witchery, Edinburgh

The Witchery, Edinburgh

The Witchery, Edinburgh

My favourite food ever at The Witchery, Edinburgh

The Witchery, Edinburgh

The Witchery, Edinburgh

What odd but absolutely delectable dish have you tried?

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