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They say that if you get bored of London, then you get bored of life. I completely agree! There has been so many things to do in London and beyond, that I have had limited time to write about it. I can say that I’ve never smiled or laughed so hard in my life, I have seen and done things that I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams, I have met some wonderful people (during work and play) that really put life in perspective and I have been able to enjoy this experience with my husband and some long time friends.

Today my girl friends and I spent the afternoon at The Ritz London drinking tea and eating cakes and scones. We chatted about our travels and giggled over our adventures in Europe.

The girls and I at the stair case at The Ritz London

There were a few things that stood out at The Ritz. I was 5 minutes late for afternoon tea and I had to ask the doorman where the afternoon tea was held. The foyer was opulent, like a palace with a grand staircase, flowers everywhere and gold gilded everything! When I walked towards the door that lead to afternoon tea, I was greeted by two very smartly dressed doormen who smiled and simultaneously opened the doors to another hallway filled with light. I thanked them and wandered through the hallway while marveling at the high ceilings, intricately designed walls and the harp player playing classical music. I then sat myself down while the waiter asked me for my coat, complimented my outfit (they must say that to all the girls!) and then gave me a numbered key for the cloak room. Even their clock room keys are fancy!

The cloak room keys at The Ritz London

Since I had so much fun at The Ritz, I thought that I would share the photos as my words alone could not do justice to this experience. Enjoy the photos and have a great week!

Do you have any other suggestions for experiences in London? I’m keen to do everything that I can while I’m living here!

Absolutely opulent entrance to high tea at The Ritz London

The menu at The Ritz London

The girls eager to order their teas at The Ritz London

Delicious cakes at The Ritz London

Decadent desserts at The Ritz London

Care for some jam and cream with your scones? - The Ritz London

The girls and I enjoying afternoon tea at The Ritz London

The harp player at The Ritz London

I wouldn't mind a bathroom that looks like this - The Ritz London