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Do you like dare-devil rides? Roller coasters, water rides and twisty turvy rides?! I do! My friend celebrated her birthday in Thorpe park this weekend and we joined her on the adventure.

We started out all smiles with relatively empty stomachs so that we could scream and squirm our way through every single roller coaster in the park!

Waiting for the ride

Oh the suspense!

The Saw! Don’t eat before going onto this ride.

Then after doing all the dare-devil rides, we moved onto the more chilled out rides where you are swinged around back and forth… I recommend not eating before this ride!

I was concentrating on my stomach!

Then we thought that we’d take it easy even more and enjoy a river cruise… well a river cruise down the rapids but a relatively relaxing (and wet) river cruise it was.

River cruise time!

We then continued with our dare-devil rides, before relaxing on the merry-go-round. I felt like a kid again!

Then Rick decided to test his basketball skills and win me a fluffy toy! One throw into the basketball ring and Pommie became mine! We weren’t sure if we had to buy an extra bus ticket home for him but the driver let us through. He’s now sitting on my couch at home and will remind me that London is an amazing place whenever I am home sick.

Anyway, hope that you are all having a lovely weekend. I have yet to write about my wonderful adventures in Sweden so stay tuned! If you liked this post, please click on the submit button and follow me on twitter.

By the way, I am now starting to feel the Olympic spirit! We managed to book tickets to two Olympic events and are extremely excited. I hope that you are too!

Now that I’m a Londoner, do I cheer for both Australia and England?