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During a trip to Paris last weekend, we decided to visit Versailles, the beautiful French Palace which was home to the famous Queen Marie-Antoinette and King Louis XVI.

“Let them eat cake” was Marie-Antoinette’s legendary saying and eat cake she did! This was a woman who was known for her impeccable fashion sense and extreme spending habits which combined with her political decisions, sadly lead to the Royal family’s demise. The family reigned over France until 1792. They had tried to escape Paris dressed as servants but were later captured and imprisoned. Marie-Antoinette and King Louis XVI were eventually executed but the memories of their reign are held within the walls of Cheateux De Versailles…

Here are my reasons to visit Versailles:

  1. If you love architecture, then you will want to visit Versailles. The Golden Gates lead to the front of the Palace which is also gilded in gold and detailed in such a way that screams French Royalty! I have seen many Palaces in Europe, but Versailles by far “takes the cakes” (pardon the pun). Versailles is so grand and spacious and 6 hours was not enough for us! I’d happily return to see more.
  2. If you love History… The Palace rooms are drenched in history and includes paintings of the Royal Family, the tapestry and furnishings gives you a feel of the 1700s and the bedrooms give you a feel about the person who once lived there. If you don’t love history, then just visit Versailles to see the lavish home of the last Queen of France!
  3. If you love gardens, then you will want to spend hours wandering through the maze-like gardens full of statues and the most amazing assortment of flowers that I have ever cast my eye on. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland as I saw a myriad of fountains and row boats being paddled along Versailles’ “Grand Canal”. We even made the 15 minute trek to Marie Antoinette’s Estate which resembles the sweetest English Garden that we could ever imagine.
  4. If you love romance, then you will want to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine with a loved one as you watch the magic fountain show and listen to classical music.  I felt like part of a movie set!

What are you waiting for? Go on, you’ll love it! If you don’t believe me, check out my gallery of pictures below and I’m sure you’ll be tempted. I want to go back again too!

Budget Travel Tips:

  • How to get there from Paris: You can purchase a ticket for about 6.50 Euros round-trip from any metro station in central Paris. You need to take the RER C line (yellow line). Trains leave about every 15 minutes and the train station near Versaille is a 5 minute walk to the Palace – just follow the signs. We thought it was much cheaper than paying for a tour and it gives you more time to explore
  • Skip the line: We purchased tickets online to save time. If you don’t buy tickets online, you will have to queue up twice; once to purchase the tickets and once to gain entry to the Palace. Try to get there early to make the most of your ticket as there is much to see.
  • Food: food is average and is relatively pricey for what you get. I suggest bringing some snacks or sandwiches. We didn’t have time but would have much rather preferred that! Bring lots of water as there is a large stretch of Palace and land to cover – I felt like I was in a mini city!