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Dear Paris,

Although I have visited you before, I was equally excited and grateful to have visited you again. I enjoyed walking through the funky streets of Montemarte with its amazing architecture and breath-taking views.

Walking through Montemarte to get to the Sacre Coeur

Your narrow side streets in Montemarte was buzzing and made me so excited to be seeing the Sacre Coeur for the first time.

I can see the Sacre Coeur from here!

I had fun wandering around the Sacre Coeur and admiring the basilica from every angle.

Sacre Coeur

I even spent time admiring the view from the steps of the Sacre Coeur and did not mind the thousands of tourists milling around.

Sitting on the steps of Sacre Coeur

The views from the Sacre Coeur

I also admired Notre Dame, which was just as magnificent as the Notre Dame of your sister city of Lyon.

Notre Dame Paris

Another interesting quality that I missed to notice during my last visit was the magnificent Arc De Triomphe. I paid respect to the 558 French generals whose names are written in the walls of this great monument and also to the Unknown Solder who died in World War I.

I also managed to walk down the Champs Elysees even though the Tour De France drew a much bigger crowd than usual. I enjoyed giggling at the spectators who would do anything to see the action (note the father and son sitting on the telephone booth in the picture below!).

Tour De France 2012

Although I loved everything about you, there is one thing that will always make me return to you – the Eiffel Tower. Thanks for bringing out the great weather so that we could sit under the Eiffel Tower and enjoy some delicious macarons.

Laduree Macarons

Rick and I on front of the Eiffel Tower

It was lovely to visit you and hope to see you again soon!

Best wishes,


p.s. Thanks for inviting us to visit Chateau De Versaille as I have never seen a grander Palace than one of the famous Queen Marie-Antoinette!