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Hi guys! It’s been a busy week for us as we have just had our lovely friends come all the way from Norway to visit us. So while Rick and I worked during the day, our friends were able to take in some Olympic spirit and visit London’s famous attractions. We then joined them at night to give them a feel of London restaurants, theatre and clubs.

As a welcome treat, I gathered a bunch of friends to eat at Burger and Lobster in SOHO. This restaurant serves either a delicious gourmet burger or lobster meal for just £20. Burger and Lobster is usually quite busy and there are a few chains in London and you can expect a waiting time of at least half an hour, but luckily for us, my foodie friend noticed that the new place in SOHO took bookings. I jumped onto the laptop and made a booking for Sunday lunch so we could eat burgers…

London welcomes Christel and Eirik with lobster at Lobster and Burger SOHO

Just kidding! For the same price, we each ordered either the whole lobster with butter sauce or the lobster roll in a freshly made brioche. Not only was the food delicious, but we were also able to eat limitless chips and salads as sides.

Enjoying our lobster rolls at Lobster and Burger SOHO

I ate a lobster roll. I really enjoyed the warm, buttery brioche filled with lobster and  mayonnaise which I then dipped into the warm, butter sauce. Butter and lobster is such a perfect combination! Lethal but it’s okay to be a little extreme during Sunday lunch!

Lobster roll at Lobster and Burger SOHO

Rick really enjoyed eating his whole lobster with butter sauce and though he barely touched his salad, he did have his vegetable serving of fries on the side. I’m going to get that next time!

A whole lobster at Lobster and Burger SOHO

We then finished off our delicious meal at my friend’s favourite London icecreamery called The Icreamist. I have walked around Covent Garden many times but did not realise that this icecream place existed until now. I have never seen a cooler icecream boutique. Funky music played in the background while a staff member, dressed as a cop, takes your order and serves you your delectable dessert.

Such an assortment of icecream at The Icecreamist

The Icecreamist has an amazing assortment of ice cream including flavours such as vodka and apple, praline and chocolate, peanut butter, popcorn and Breast Milk icecream (no I did not try it!). My favourite was the popcorn icecream as it tasted just like  Lolly Gobbles and reminded me of my childhood. I also wholeheartedly tried the peanut butter icecream and sampled my friend’s apple and vodka icecream.

We’re eating icecream at The Icecreamist

Who ever told me that London does not have good food has not been to Burger and Lobster and certainly has not tried the extreme icecream at The Icecreamist!

Now that I’ve shared this food journey with you… let me know…

1) Would you order the Lobster or the Burger?

2) Which icecream flavour would you choose?

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