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Can you feel the Olympic spirit that is alive in every home around the world?

On our way to the London Olympics 2012

That’s the Olympic Stadium behind me!

As we walked around the Olympic park last week, we saw thousands of spectators with their friends and family enjoying everything that the London Olympics had to offer. I especially enjoyed the wide screens set up by the river, allowed spectators to enjoy the events with a picnic or drink.

Spectators watch the Olympics by the river on big screens

The 15 minute walk to the basketball stadium was quite nice and as we walked closer and closer to the event, the sound of cheering and clapping became louder and louder. We felt the excitement and mad rush of energy when we watched the men’s basketball.

Rick and I on our way to see the basketball at the London Olympics 2012

USA versus Tunisia – singing their national anthems

It was quite an event! We cheered for both teams when France beat Argentina in a relatively close match. We then cheered with excitement as the USA stepped onto the floor with their star players. I saw Kobe Bryant with his groove on as each player was introduced. I’ll never forget the smooth moves of the USA team as they high fived each other and practically RnB danced onto the floor. Rick has always been a fan of the NBA so this was definitely a memorable experience for him. He kept me informed about the players and explained the rules to me. The excitement was contagious as both USA and Tunisia started the game…

Spotted! Kobe Bryant warming up before their match with Tunisia

So USA did win – it is no surprise – but what was really exciting to see was that Tunisia was winning for the first 10 minutes of the game! They are the number 32 team in the world but still managed to make the number 1 team break a sweat!


What an amazing match! I can see how the London Olympics 2012 can and will inspire a generation!

For details about the London Olympic 2012 schedule and to buy tickets, use this link. Tickets are not sold at the Olympic stadium so buy them online and enjoy! For those who want to watch the Olympics from the comfort of their home, you can use the BBC website for live streaming of the events.

What is your favourite Olympic event?