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I am back from a long weekend at The Algarve, Portugal. We decided to visit the Algarve for the beaches but were equally impressed by the seafood and grilled meat selections. We ate delicious salads of mozzarella and tomatoes, seafood stews, garlic prawns, peri peri chicken, grilled meats and fish, stuffed squid and more importantly, we followed the apparent tradition of eating donuts by the beach.

Our first breakfast in Lagos

During our first breakfast in Largos, we spotted a van pulling up and a man carrying a basket of delicious goodies.

“Can we buy one of those donuts?” we asked the delivery driver.

“No, you must buy it at the beach!” he said, much to our confusion.

Donuts, at the beach! I thought that you’re supposed to reduce your intake of food while wearing bathers but the Portuguese have a different idea. While the sun loungers sit on their towels tanning up, men and women carrying baskets of these delicious treats  ring a bell and people run to them in the same way that kids run after ice cream trucks.

Malasada, Portuguese Donut on the beach!

We ordered a bunch of these donuts, called Malasadas while beach hopping in Lagos, Portimao and Albufeira. Every time the bell would ring, we would run to the basket and try as many donuts as possible. The donuts were spongy,  filled with smooth custard and covered in sugar. Absolutely divine!

Here is a wonderful selection of the amazing dishes that we tried. Enjoy! I’ll be back to blog about my latest adventures of beach hopping, club hopping and general exploration in this beautiful coastal region of Portugal.

Which one is your favourite dish?

Mixed Seafood Kebab


Seafood rice

Selection of salads with grilled red sea bass selected from the tank

Stuffed Cuttle Fish, Albufeira style

Shell fish cream soup

Peri Peri Chicken

Albufeira style Portuguese Steak

Shell fish cataplana

Stuffed Squid

Sea bream grilled with butter and herbs

tomato and mozzarella salad

Stuffed squid

Grilled Sword Fish

Portuguese bifsteak

Pork ribs

Garlic prawns

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