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I believe that eating good food is part of having a good holiday, so when my friend gave me a list of restaurants to try in Bellagio, I was up for the challenge.

Bellagio is a small village on Lake Como and the food selection is generally of top quality, but I can see why Salice Blu ranks number 1 on Trip Advisor.

I consider Salice Blu to be the best restaurant in Bellagio because of a number of reasons. When the chef picked us up to take us to the restaurant, we were immediately impressed by his passion for cooking. This is a service he provides to most patrons who stay in the Bellagio area, but the topping on the cake was the conversation that you had during the short drive to the restaurant. We learnt about his passion for all types of food, his herb garden and his motivation to keep improving his ability to cook.

When we entered the driveway and laid our eyes on the restaurant, we were amazed by the ambience. The table settings were that of a fine dining restaurant, yet the outside balcony had a rustic and classy feel to it. The waiters were impeccably dressed and pleasant and when I peeked through the glass windows of the kitchen, the chefs were in perfect form.

Rick and I eating at Salice Blue, Bellagio

The shining star, however, was the food. We were provided with a large menu which lists a large selection of fish and meat dishes as well as a generous range of desserts.

The Salice Blu menu was bigger than me!

My favourite dish was the lobster and pasta. The pasta was cooked to perfection, the sauce full of flavour and the lobster maintained a nice texture. Rick and I shared the lobster pasta and a truffle risotto, which was also delicious. However, I still keep talking about the lobster pasta to this day!

Lobster Pasta at Salice Blu, Bellagio


Truffle Risotto at Salice Blu, Bellagio

Both dishes had such simple ingredients but you could tell that the ingredients were fresh and well selected. When it was time for dessert, we were equally impressed by the chocolate souffle which to me wins the gold medal but the other desserts were just as well presented and tasty to eat!

Chocolate Souffle and vanilla sauce at Salice Blu

Dessert at Salice Blu

Most of my fond memories have always been around the dinner table with friends and family. This one has been added to the list of fond memories in Bellagio. Good food, good friends and a lovely dining experience. Life is good!

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