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When we stayed in the Lake Como area, we decided to base ourselves in Bellagio. We visited a number of villages along Lake Como and each was unique and so picturesque. This is why I’m going to dedicate a post to each village that I visited and loved: Bellagio, Menaggio and Varenna.

Today’s post is dedicated to Bellagio: it’s scenery and its culinary delights! Let me know what you think of Bellagio!

We are at Bellagio! Yay!

Bellagio – The Scenary

When I walked around Bellagio, I was pleasantly surprised by the locals who wandered through the streets, greeting each other and stopping for a chat. People take the time to sit and enjoy each other’s company. They take life as it comes and are not in a rush to do anything. I think that I have a lot to learn from the people of Bellagio!

We walked up these stairs every day to get to our hotel!

As we had based ourselves in Bellagio, we spent the first day exploring the cobble stoned roads and little alleyways.

Isn’t the view from our hotel room amazing?

We also enjoyed the view of the water from Bellagio’s many ports. There is something about the water that makes me feel relaxed. If you listen closely, all you will hear is the soft, rush of the water across the lake.

A little port in Bellagio where we enjoyed the scenery

The view of the water from Bellagio

We also enjoyed the architecture such as the little churches, the Villas and the random pathways that lead you to the shore. We would sometimes be the only people walking these paths. It felt as if it was our own little island!

A Villa in Bellagio

View of Bellagio from Hotel Silvio

Bellagio’s first church

If you want to see Bellagio at it’s most magical hour, ride a ferry at dawn and you will see some of the most amazing colours permeate through the sky, through the water and against the mountains.

Bellagio at Dawn

Bellagio – The Food

I overheard a man telling a few tourists that the food in Bellagio was just “ok” as we waited for our ferry to take us from Como to Bellagio.

Oh, how he was wrong! The food in Bellagio was so tasty and when you walk past most of the restaurants, you will see a sign that indicates their status in the Michelin Guide.

In my previous post, I talked about my favourite restaurant in Bellagio, Salice Blu. The reason why I wrote a separate post about Salice Blu is because it deserves 5 out of 5 stars to be able to impress me in a village where I did not have one bad meal!

For breakfast, we feasted on sweet croissants with marmalade, bread rolls with ham and cheese while sipping freshly brewed coffee.

Sweet croissants with marmalade and coffee on the side.

Rick’s Brie and salami sandwich for breakfast!

For dinner, we feasted on pastas, pizzas, lamb chops, fish from the lake, and array of deliciously decadent desserts!

Eating Pizza in Bellagio – this took up most of the table and was Rick’s main meal!

Lasagne at Bellagio – it was my first meal! Yum!

Lamb Chops on a bed of vegetables! So tender!

Fresh fish caught from Lake Como

Home made dessert in a Bellagio restaurant

Freshly made crepe

Are you hungry yet? I do get carried away when it comes to food but I thought that these food pictures were too good not to share with you.

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Happy Travels!

Travel Tips:

  • You can take a ferry from Bellagio to the other popular cities for approximately 15 Euros per person per day. There is a winter and summer ferry time table.
  • For delicious Gelati: I religiously ate gelati from Gelati Del Borgo at least once a day! The pistachio gelati is my favourite. Try their biscotti ice-cream sandwich for an extra sugar hit.
  • Best restaurant: Check out my previous post about Salice Blu, my favourite restaurant