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Imagine beautiful, emerald waters and golden sand beaches along Sardinia’s coastline.

This is Costa Verde (the Green Coast).

Costa Verde is located in Sardinia, Italy and is one of my most favourite places to swim and sun bath!

The beaches along the Costa Verde coastline are untouched for a reason. They are difficult to get to and require driving along narrow, mountainous roads. Roads that can look like this for what seems like an endless amount of time.

However, it is well worth the effort. We traveled from the North of Sardinia to the beautiful dune backed beaches of Spiaggia Piscinas to take a dip into the warm Mediterranean Sea for a little while… I was too busy swimming to take a picture of the beach but this is the view of the sand dunes – isn’t it beautiful?

Then we hopped into the car again to drive to the amazing golden sand beaches of Spiaggia Scivu. When I walked through the beach I could feel the speckles of fine sand between my feet and when I looked out across the stretch of beach, the coastline seemed endless. I felt absolutely at ease and ready to take a dip into the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

If you read my previous post, we also swam in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is on the other side of Sardinia. The water in the Tyrrhenian sea was a beautiful acqua blue, whereas the water in the the Mediterranean sea was an emerald green. Both coastlines were beautiful, but what I loved most about the Costa Verde coastline was the fact that it was easier for me to lay on my back and float for a very long time.

I enjoyed swimming across a longer stretch of beach and enjoyed the sunshine as it hit the sand. I also loved looking at the sandstone cliffs behind me as I walked along the beach. The Costa Verde is a slice of heaven!

What’s your pick? The Costa Verde or Gulf of Orosei?

Helpful Hints:

  • Rent a car with navigation tools – you will be driving through some mountainous territory and on roads that will often have space for only one car.
  • Stay near Cagliari or near the Costa Verde as you will not want to drive to the other side of the island on these roads (trust me – I wish I had learnt that lesson!)