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Do you like gelati? 

Then what better place to have gelati than at Isola de Gelato, which has bragging rights to 280 variations of gelati!  I went into the store and I must admit that I could not count 280 variations as they must alternate these variations from time to time. Nevertheless, we came, we saw, we ate gelati! And lots of it!

There were so many flavours of gelati that I was giddy with excitement. I finally selected the Bounty flavour coupled with pistaccio on a waffle cone (I came back for more later that day). It was a dream and perfect for a hot, summer’s day.

The food

We were in Cagliari for only a few hours and admittedly the gelati was one of my favourite parts, but Cagliari does have a lot more to offer.

We sat in a traditional trattoria sampling the Sardinian diet of grilled meats and gnocchi stuffed with potato  I couldn’t help but check out everyone else’s meals. The Sardinian diet seemed to consist of something similar to surf and turf; grilled meats (all kinds) with prawns and fish on the side! They had pasta or gnocchi as sides.

Sunday seemed to be family day. I was  impressed by the fact that on a Sunday morning, the entire family and extended family appeared to be eating together in the restaurant – from the babies to the grandparents.

Cagliari Architecture

I didn’t spend enough time in Cagliari to get a complete feel of the place, but I do know that between 1.30pm to 4.30pm, the city becomes a ghost town. Shops close for an Italian style “siesta” and the streets are ghostly silent.

If I were to visit Cagliari again, I would visit the beaches, known for beach parties in summer, crystal blue waters and long stretches of coastline.

I’d also spend more time wandering around the ancient city walls that used to surround the city.

I’d also visit the Salt flats which are home to pink flamingos (I only saw them by tour bus and they were such pretty creatures)!

The architecture screams old town but with a modern twist. What do you think?

View of Cagliari!

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