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I have a few more travel stories to post but I thought that I could entice you to a salt beef bagel first.

Brick Lane, London, UK

Rick and I spent the weekend in London catching up with friends but a good part of the weekend nursing a cold. We thought that the best way to cure the cold was to leave the comfort of our home and get some fresh air… so we ended up in Brick Lane, East London.

I’ve been to Brick Lane before, primarily to eat Indian food and only ever at night. We had never been to the Brick Lane Market so we thought that this was a great week to check it out. The London air had an Autumn chill but the sky was blue and showed zero chance of rain!

The Brick Lane Market is located in Brick Lane and has a number of amazing food options. There were options for hand-made pulled noodles which are cooked in a delicious soup, middle eastern pastries, sausages and the ever so popular salt beef bagel.

We spotted the salt beef bagel from miles away as it hid behind a line of 20 people. As I walked past the Beigel Bake, I couldn’t resist the allure. Rick and I jumped straight into the queue and with eyes on the prize, proceeded to wait 15 minutes for a salt beef bagel and a chicken bagel.

“I can’t be bothered waiting, this is not my idea of fun” said a young man to his girlfriend standing behind me. His girlfriend turned to him suddenly and with fire in her eyes said “There is a line up for a reason. I am going to eat, whether you eat or not!”…

Here is a close up of the Salt Beef Bagel

She was right! The line up was there for a reason and the reason was to try this delicious bagel filled with warm and tender salt beef (or corned beef as my mum would say)! The bagel was baked fresh on the premise and I could taste the freshness with every bite. It was absolute bagel heaven!

I didn’t just spend my time there eating. I did do a bit of shopping as well. Further down Brick Lane, there are a few boutiques which sell clothing from independent designers. Admittedly, not all the stores were to my liking but I did enjoy exploring the racks of The Laden Showroom; popular for unique clothing made by independent British fashion designers.

The Laden Showroom

Brick Lane was definitely not posh but that’s where it holds it’s charm! And if you don’t like playing chess or shopping at boutiques, I highly recommend going there just for the Salt Beef Bagel!

What is your favourite market and why?

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Hope that you’re having a great week!