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We ate at The Ledbury and sampled a scrumptious selection of dishes!

Let me tell you how the magic happened…

Once upon a time, on a cold London’s day, there were two girls who were having lunch in East London. They were sharing stories about Australia and their amazing experiences in London. They also realised that they shared a love for food and started comparing the restaurants that they were fond of.

Suddenly, one of the girls had a remarkable idea! They both wanted to go to the famous restaurant named The Ledbury. Many of their friends have dined at both the Ledbury and Noma which is the number one restaurant in the world. Some of these people have even dared to say that The Ledbury was better! So out of pure curiosity and yearning for good food… the girls booked their table at The Ledbury months in advance and so begins their food journey…

Now fast forward to when we actually went to The Ledbury. Saturday was by far the coldest day that I have ever experienced in London. It’s as if the artic winds had shifted and pointed in the direction of London. I had my thermals, boots and down jacket ready so I was not afraid of the cold.

Rick and I made our way to Notting Hill where The Ledbury is located. Notting Hill is one of my favourite places in London because it is so picturesque with its tree lined streets and beautiful English style houses. We felt like we were in a Hugh Grant movie as the leaves were various shades of orange and were falling softly from the trees. I love Autumn in London!

When we finally entered The Ledbury, we were welcomed with such warmth. We ordered the set two course lunch, individually opted for an al a carte dessert and a bottle of wine. Like most fine dining restaurants, you were given a complimentary canapé to start with while you’re waiting for your meal. It was foie gras (duck liver paté) in a potato based shell. It was so light and fluffy and absolutely delicious!

My entree was the Ceviche of Scallops with Red Meat Radishes, Seaweed and Frozen English Wasabi. This was one of my favourites as it was light and refreshing. I have started to appreciate Ceviche since my trip to Peru many years ago, so it was nice to sample an English twist to a Peruvian dish. The scallops were so fresh and the radishes balanced the flavours of the seaweed and frozen Wasabi.

My main meal was the Roast Brill with Braised Celery, Smoked Oyster Milk and Crisp Potato. The brill was fresh and the oyster milk gave it such a nice flavour. I enjoyed the crisp potato which was in the shape of spaghetti, but the braised celery was not my favourite part (bear in mind that I dislike the taste of celery).

For dessert, I had the Passion Fruit Soufflé with Sauternes Ice Cream. This was by far the highlight of the day! I admired the fluffy soufflé as the waiters brought it to the table. I was even more impressed when one of the waiters used a spoon to pick up a beautiful presented dollop of cream and oh so effortlessly put the cream into the middle of my soufflé. It was love at first sight and the love affair continued until my very last bite.

We finished the meal with mini cookies and chocolate gnash. It was a perfect end to a delicious meal!

What is your favourite dessert and where did you eat it? Comment below and let me know!

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