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In fair Verona, where we lay our scene… four friends decided to take a trip to one of the most romantic cities in Italy to see the one and only Juliet’s Balcony.

The Capulets and the Montagues may not have been real characters, but Shakespeare brought them to life and so the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet lives on, hundreds of years later.

I remember reading about Romeo and Juliet when I was in high school and watching every single version of the movie (my favourite was the one starring Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio).

The Balcony sits high above a small square. As you walk past the “Casa Di Guilietta” sign, there are graffiti’d walls marked with the names of lovers. As you enter the small square on front of the house, there is a lattice fence with hundreds of colourful locks, etched with the name of lovers. Love was all around. In case you’re wondering, we do have a special lock in Italy, but it is in Lover’s Lane of the Cinque Terre (click here for the post). We placed our lock on the lattice and threw the key into the ocean!

Juliet’s Balcony itself represents a beautiful piece of architecture, and when you look up (and ignore the people who randomly appear), you can almost imagine Juliet looking down at Romeo to say:

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

We visited Juliet’s house to look out the balcony and realised that there was so much more to see. There were costumes that Romeo and Juliet would have worn, an old school fireplace, a bed and many other interesting pieces from that era. When I finally looked out the balcony to take a picture, I remembered the bronze statue of Juliet which appears just below her balcony. People were lining up to rub the right breast which apparently gives you good luck!

After visiting Juliet’s Balcony, our mission in Verona was complete. However, we still had an amazing time wandering around such an enchanting city. The architecture was inspiring but what I loved the most was how clean the city was. It is almost as if we were on the set of the Romeo and Juliet movie. We enjoyed walking through the piazzas and eating gelato on front of the Arena.

At night, Verona has a fairy tale feel. The city is lit up and when you walk past the Castle (aka Castelvecchio), you feel like a courtier hurriedly walking through the dim-lit halls before bedtime. The Arena Di Verona was brightly lit and the medieval structures of the buildings had an eery glow.

The architecture did impress. However, it was the food that kept us wanting more. We ate cold meat platters, lamb shanks with polenta, stewed beef cheek with mash and an assortment of freshly made pastas.

The gelati was also a highlight. We sampled at least 2 flavours per day, but the ice-cream and wafer sandwich deserves a special mention!

Verona is perfect for star-crossed lovers and food lovers alike!

Is there a city more romantic than Verona? Comment below and let me know!

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Restaurant choices

  • Trattoria Al Pompiere – try the lamb shanks and cold meat platter
  • La Cantina del 15 – currently #1 on TripAdvisor. Try the pumpkin stuffed pasta for entrée, the slow cooked beef cheek for a main and the creme brûlée for dessert!