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I have always loved Italy ever since I first laid eyes on Rome, my first Italian city. My love for Italy grew even more when we visited the beautiful villages around Lake Garda. When we spent the weekend in Verona, we had not planned to visit Lake Garda, but decided that it would be a nice day trip from Verona. We visited two villages in under 5 hours and both were very different; the medieval village of Peschiera and the beautiful village of Sirmone which juts down into the lake like a slender island.


From Verona, we took a 15 minute train ride to Peschiera and then got a little lost! However, when we found our bearings, we enjoyed a lovely walk around the village as we sampled some delicious gelati. Peschiera has a small village feel and I could tell that the architecture has remained untouched for hundreds of years.

The slender city of Sirmione

As you can see in the map at the beginning of this post, Sirmione juts into the middle of Lake Garda like a slender island that is attached to the edge of the lake. To get to Sirmione, we took a bus from Peschiera. We initially started our journey in a normal sized bus, but as we neared Sirmione, we were asked to switch to a more slender bus. We started to notice that we could see Lake Garda on both sides of the bus. Sirmione is 120m in width at it’s most slender point! The “large” bus that we were in could simply not fit down the road.

We spent some time exploring the village and came across the beautiful Villa which once housed the famous Veronese poet Caio Valerio Catullo. The Villa sits at the edge of the peninsula as if it was a fortress protecting the city from harm. What I loved most about the area that surrounds the Villa was that people were walking around so effortlessly enjoying their day. The children were happily running around with their parents and the restaurants were filled with friends and family enjoying a nice meal together. Everyone seemed to have a smile on their face, including us. It seemed like a scene from a movie!

We ended our visit with a glass of spritzer as we enjoyed the views of Lake Garda! Italy still continues to impress!

Do you know of any other small towns with such a majestical feel? Comment below and let me know!