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Hi everyone, just a quick one today just to say Happy Birthday to Rick! Yesterday, I surprised him with pancakes and fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast and then took him to dinner at Duck & Waffle which is on top of the Heron Tower in London and one of the tallest buildings in Europe. When you first walk into the Heron tower, you are greeted with very attentive staff members who then escort you to the glass elevators which shoots up 40 storeys at an almost alarming rate. The service at Duck & Waffle is first class and the restaurant exudes class. Not to mention the fact that you get one of the best views of London as you dine on delicious duck (and non duck) delicacies!

I have here a selection of photos to share, but I would like to say that the standing ovation goes to:

  • The Duck & Waffle: the chefs knows how to make a weird combination really work! The duck was perfectly cooked; tender but slightly crunchy on the outside. The waffle was soft on the inside and slightly golden on the outside and served with sweet maple syrup mixed with mustard. The egg on top was perfectly cooked sunny side up. It seems like a weird combination right? It is but it was one of the best food experiences I have ever had!


As for the runners up:

  • The Duck Foie Gras all day breakfast with nutella spread was an interesting mix and a great dish to share if you’re feeling a little dangerous
  • The pollock balls with lobster sauce was melt-in-your mouth perfection
  • The fried pig ears were thinly, sliced and fried to give the texture of crunchy chips. The dish was served in a cute paper bag.
  • The deep-fried mars bar with malt ice-cream was a perfectly devilish combination and contained enough sugar to keep me awake for days!
  • The chocolate brownie with peanut butter sauce and peanut butter ice-cream was my favourite as it tasted just like Reese’s peanut butter cups!

Here are the pictures, let me know what you think!

DuckNWaffle DuckNWaffle2 DuckNWaffle3 DuckNWaffle5

What interesting dishes have you tried?

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