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Italy – that word makes me so happy inside! Italy will always have a special place in my heart because of its amazing culture in every single city that I have visited (click here for the posts). Our go to place in London, Ill Bordello, has the lively nature, fresh produce and authentic simplicity of Italian food found in most of Italy’s best restaurants. Even the staff are Italian! Ill Bordello is not in London’s fanciest borough but it doesn’t have to be, people flock to this restaurant for the ambience, first class service and delicious meals.

We started dinner with a selection of olives, salmon, cheeses, cold meats and fresh vegetables. Then finished our meal with lobster spaghetti and scallop linguine. It was so good that there was silence at the table as we sampled our first spoonful of food. The fish market is located close to this restaurant so the produce is fresh and dare I say it, rivals the excellence of Chef Luigi’s lobster pasta of Salice Blu, Lake Como, Italy.


The waiters at Ill Bordello have an amazing attitude. They take their job very seriously but they will have a laugh with you along the way. When I asked them to bring out Rick’s birthday cupcakes, they did so with a smile as we all sang happy birthday to him at the top of our lungs.


Molecular Cocktails at Lounge Bohemia

After dinner, I booked us a table at Lounge Bohemia, one of the top 100 bars in the World and Top 10 lounge bars in East London. Lounge Bohemia is located in the eclectic suburb of Shoreditch and only has one rule – no suits allowed! When we first entered the bar, you could tell that the place had character. The people were chilling out over cocktails and either sitting on a large table in a “cave-like” setting or on a small table set out as if you were dropping by a mate’s house. We were given a long table inside the cave. The menu was handed to us in the form of an antique style book and we were provided with a plate of complimentary canapés. It was here that we tried the interesting selection of cocktails that included the freshly prepared apple pie cocktail and the molecular cocktails that were inspired by glass goblets, fairy floss, perfume bottles and bubble baths (rubber ducky included). It was quite an interesting experience. As each cocktail was given to us, the waitress told us a story that took us back in time and gave us a glimpse of the inspiration for making the cocktail. It was almost like we were part of a science experiment or mystery novel and a very cool end to a night out in East London!


What is the coolest bar you’ve been to? Comment below and make suggestions! Also, if you know of any Italian restaurants that could be better than Ill Bordello in London, let me know! We are always looking out for good go-to restaurants!

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