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The Turkish ice-cream man presents the ice-cream (also known as dondurma) to you with such flair and drama, that you can’t help having a laugh. He draws in a crowd with his sense of humour and really makes you work for your ice-cream. My friends and I spent Easter in Istanbul and had such an interesting experience buying/eating Turkish ice-cream.

The actual ice-cream itself has an interesting texture; smooth and hard and almost chewy when you bite into it. The best thing about Turkish ice-cream is that it also melts less easily during the warmer temperatures of summer! It’s like eating a cold, chewy piece of candy on a cone. When you’re in Instanbul next, you should look for the Turkish Ice-cream man and have a try of the the delicious dondurma!

I thought that I would share this experience with you on video Β so please have a look! Let me know what you think of my newly found (albeit amateur) video editing skills.

What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour? Mine is chocolate πŸ™‚