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“Good morning birds, good morning trees. Oh what a lovely day!
The sun’s so big it hurts my eyes, but really that´s ok!” 

Yes, I am quoting Shrek the Musical! But, I can honestly tell you that I have been feeling that way since Spring came to London this year. I actually have a more than usual spring in my step as I walk to work every day and it is even more obvious on weekends when I have time to really get into the spirit of Spring!

My friends and I took a train to Cornwall (England) on the weekend and  visited the beautiful seaside village of St Ives. It had been raining on Saturday so we weren’t sure about the weather on Sunday, but just as our car pulled into the cobble stoned streets of St Ives, this big yellow thing in the sky appeared and generated warmth that I had not felt (in England) in such a long time! It was such a beautiful feeling on our skin that we just turned and faced the sun for a few moments, admiring and appreciating its beauty. I think I’m getting more and more like the British every day as the sun is something that I took for granted back in Australia 🙂


Then it was time for food! We made our way to Porthmeor Beach Cafe and ordered fruit smoothies to wash down our scones lathered with jam and Cornish clotted cream. If you have ever tasted clotted cream before, you will know that it’s full of buttery goodness!


We then moved on to a few courses of tapas dishes that included salt and pepper squid, battered monk fish, clams, prawns, chorizo meatballs, lamb chops, Spanish omelette and muscles with bacon and served with crusty bread… just to name a few! The waitress looked confused and baffled as to how we could eat so much as we ate twice the recommended number of dishes! To top it off, we enjoyed the seaside views as we downed apple cider and Cornish beer. It’s not a bad way to spend your Sunday afternoon I must say!


St Ive’s beach is quite beautiful and has a calmness that you don’t often see in popular beaches. We watched the waves crash against the sand while children and their parents ran around enjoying the sunshine. People happily played ballgames and walked their dog and it seemed that all was good in the world.


We then walked across the beach to visit a little church on top of a hill which gave us the best view of Porthmeor Beach. It was such an amazing view that I was not bothered by the constant gust of wind that was giving me a slight push. Ah! I love sunshine and I love the beach!

Are you one to sit in the sand or stand on the hill enjoying the beach from afar? Comment below and let me know!