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Good evening everyone! While in Cornwall, my friends and I would joke about the fact that we spent the majority of our day eating or making our way to a destination to eat! So I thought I would take you on a food tour from breakfast to dinner in Cornwall. We had breakfast overlooking the coastline of the Pentire Headland, lunched by the harbour in Falmouth and ended our day in Padstow to eat at the famous Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant. I hope that you enjoyed the photos and let me know which meal you liked best – breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast at Lewinnick Lodge, Newquay

In Cornwall, we stayed in a little town called Par. Our first memory of Par was the quaint pub down the road filled with locals who were nice enough to suggest a place for breakfast and gave us a summary of all things Cornwall.

The next morning, we hired a car and during the administrative hand-over of the car, the owner told us that the car was running on empty.

“Cheap and cheerful, we are” he says. “Just put enough petrol in here to get you by and return it empty just as you got it… best to keep the money in your pocket”… We took that piece of advice and made our way to Lewinnick Lodge on his suggestion. Note that the petrol sign continued to flash red during our 45 minute journey as we had missed quite a few petrol stops in our haste to find food. It wasn’t because we were cheap (actually, yes we were) but it was also because we wanted to test whether we could make it or not!

So we made it – thankfully! It was a grey day but the views from Lewinnick Lodge were spectacular and the food was delicious. We spent 2 hours lazily enjoying the view and eating a wholesome, English breakfast of sausages, poached egg and smoked salmon.

Lewinnick Lodge

Lewinnick Lodge


Lunch at The Shack, Falmouth

The Shack Seafood Restaurant was also another suggestion from a friendly local. We couldn’t resist eating brown crab, so fresh that it was caught that very morning. The Shack has interesting decor as it is literally set out like a funky shack that could be found at the back of someone’s (trendy) house. We ordered fresh oysters, some brown crabs, soup and a crab sandwich. I ate the crab sandwich which was a little heavy for me, but I tried the rest of the meals and they were pretty tasty! We washed this down with fizzy apple cider, pressed apple juice and local Cornwall beer.

The Shack Seafood Restaurant, Falmouth

The Shack Seafood Restaurant, Falmouth

Dinner at  Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant

Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant in Padstow was the highlight of our food adventure. We ordered a range of dishes from sashimi, scallops, oysters, monk fish, seafood curry, turbot fish and the dish he is most famous for – a whole chilly crab served with noodles! It was all good and so very fresh.

The flavours were well-balanced and the dishes are a true display of why Cornwall is famous for its seafood. The desserts were also a delight, from the creamy creme brûlée with chocolate mousse to the soft texture of the passionfruit soufflé (comparable to the soufflé at The Ledbury). We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant The staff were friendly and professional yet the ambience was sophisticated yet relaxed. The event was made even more special since our friends had just announced their engagement – you’ll see that the creme brûlée had a special message on it 🙂

Here is a series of food photos that would fulfil all your food fantasies!

Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant (clockwise): oysters, selection of sashimi, smoked cod fish balls, scallops

Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant (clockwise): oysters, selection of sashimi, scallops, smoked cod fish balls (complimentary)

Rick Steins Seafood Restaurant (clockwise): Seafood curry, turbot fish, monk fish, chilli crab

Rick Steins Seafood Restaurant (clockwise): Seafood curry, turbot fish, monk fish, chilli crab


Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant: Passionfruit Souffle and Creme Brûlée

Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant: Passionfruit Souffle and Creme Brûlée

You may also want to know that we managed to get back to Par with yet an empty tank of petrol as we forgot that petrol stations were closed after 11pm. Luck was on our side that night!

What is your favourite meal of the day both on this post and in general? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Comment below and let me know 🙂