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Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic Sea Coast of Croatia and is considered one of the best holiday hot spots during the summer months. We spent 5 days in Dubrovnik during the long weekend so I want to share a secret with you.

The best views of Dubrovnik’s Old City is from the Old City Walls.


Dubrovnik has a rich history and has come under attack several times. The Old City Walls were initially built to protect the city from outside forces and is now a UNESCO Listed World Heritage Site. The Wall stands a maximum height of 15 metres and spans 2 kilometres around the Old City. The outer layer of the walls are thin and act as the first level of defence, therefore leaving the much thicker inner layer in tact to protect the city.


During our first day in Dubrovnik, I made it my mission to walk around the City Walls. As we walked around the walls, we were amazed to see remnants of ruins, the churches, monuments and houses that made up the Old City. We enjoyed looking out into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea as ships sailed into the port.


We smiled as we saw people gather around the main squares either enjoying an ice-cream, sipping on coffee as they people watched or admired the architecture that made up the Old City.


From the top of the Old City Walls, I felt like I was given a small glimpse of people’s lives. We stopped along the way to take photos and finished the walk in 1 hour!

We then spent the rest of the day enjoying the atmosphere, the food and the architecture. Every now and then, I would look up at the people walking around the Old City walls and smile, knowing that they too were enjoying the best views of Dubrovnik’s beautiful Old City!


By the way, Dubrovnik’s Old City is a fully functional Old City and best viewed after the tourists leave for the day. We were fortunate enough to stay within the Old City so we were able to see it at various hours during the day.


As the day opened, we’d see children walking to school, business owners setting up shop and suppliers bringing fresh produce to local restaurants. Then as the day closed, we enjoyed sitting by the East entrance as we listened to the sound of the sea brush softly against the port. Such charm!


What is your favourite walled city and where can you admire the best views of this city? My other favourite is York

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