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During our trip to Dubrovnik, we decided to do a day tour to the mountainous country of Montenegro. With it’s lush greenery and breath-taking coastlines, Montenegro has fast become a popular holiday destination.

We were picked up just outside of the Pile gates of Dubrovnik’s Old City and transported by mini-van through the rugged mountain passes, towards the Montenegro/Dubrovnik border. Once we arrived at the border, our tour guide organised for our passports to be scanned and we were on our way through “no-man’s land”; the region between Croatia and Montenegro that did not belong to a particular country.

The scenery changed significantly as we entered Montenegro. I understood why the mountains were considered as “black mountains”, because as you look at them, the lush forrest filled mountains appear dark in the distance.

We visited 3 cities in one day and found each place to be unique in it’s own way. Can you guess which one was my favourite?



Perast is a medieval village located is located in the Boka Perastska Bay, one of the most beautiful bays located on the Adriatic. We spent 40 minutes wandering around the town enjoying the architecture and the calm feeling that surrounds the village.



Kotor is located in Kotor Bay and boasts one of the best preserved Old Towns I have ever seen. When I first stood outside of Old Town, I felt like I was standing in between the modern and old world. Behind me was a bay full of luxurious yachts and on front of me stood Old Town’s gate. There were beautiful black mountains in the background and the ancient City Walls extended so far up the mountains that they disappeared into the clouds. We enjoyed a few hours wandering around the maze-like city which displayed remnants of Ottoman and Venetian architecture.




Our visit to Budva was like visiting a part of Russia (or so our tour guide said). It was not my favourite part of Montenegro, but it was still an interesting city to visit. The tour guide also said that Budva was inhabited by so many Russians that Russian will soon become the first language of most residents.

Budva is known for it’s beautiful beaches and rocking night life! If you’re interesting in that, then it’s the place to be. Along the Budva Riviera there are also some beautiful resorts that are frequented by Royals and celebrities (one hotel was even used to film a Jame’s Bond film!).

Apart from that, Old Town was beautiful but so very quiet and it did not exude the warmth that I felt in Kotor or Dubrovnik’s Old Town. We spent 5 minutes in Budva’s Old Town before exiting to wander around the bay area. We spent most of the afternoon admiring the boats on the picturesque harbour before heading back to Dubrovnik.

Which city would you enjoy the most? Tell me why in the comments below! 

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