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During our trip to Dubrovnik, we had spent a large part of our days taking boat trips to the Elafiti Islands, Cvatat or road trips to Montenegro so all we wanted to do at night was eat a delicious dinner in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. I like cheap eats and fine dining so check out my favourites below!

Taj Mahal (for Bosnian Food)

Nikole Gucetica 2, Dubrovnik 20 000, Croatia

Taj Mahal sounds like an Indian restaurant, but do not be fooled, it is actually a restaurant that serves Bosnian, gypsy food. This was the first meal that we ate in Dubrovnik and one that we really enjoyed. We ordered the Ali Baba (pastry stuffed with meat and vegetables) and the Cheerful Bosnian (veal stuffed with vegetables) and were pleasantly surprised by the large portions. We waited a bit longer than expected for our meals but that was because the food is made from scratch and with tender, love and care. I could hear the chef out the back beating the veal so that it was perfectly thin and tender when served. I enjoyed my meal so much that I was reluctant to share my food with Rick (but I did eventually!).

Taj Mahal Dubrovnik

Dalmatino Konoba

Miha Pracata 6, Dubrovnik 20000, Croatia

Dalmatino Konoba was another great suggestion by TripAdvisor. We enjoyed a shrimp and squid ink risotto and fisherman’s soup for entrees. The squid ink risotto was my favourite especially because it had a large, freshly grilled prawn on top! Rick and I shared a seafood platter which included giant prawns, grilled squid, grilled fish and mussels. I grew up by a seaside town so I am very picky with my seafood and I can safely conclude that this seafood was one of the best I have tried. The lemon cheesecake also gets special mention because my husband does not even like cheesecake, but thoroughly enjoyed this one!

The staff also provided excellent service and were perfectionists, a quality that I admire. They set the cutlery down in perfect precision and were always polite and courteous.

Dalmatino Kanoba


Prijeko 2, Stari Grad, Dubrovnik 20 000, Croatia

This was my favourite place to eat during my 5 day stay in Dubrovnik and it shows, because I ate here twice. I only decided to eat at Rosario because the restaurant had the same name as my grandmother. I was greatly surprised by the excellent service and amazing food. Restaurant Rosario reminded me of my grandmother. When you first walk in, they will always make you feel welcome, they will feed you delicious food and keep checking if you like it!


The  mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola cheese were amazing and the truffle pasta almost made me sing with glee! The hand-made pasta was covered with generous amounts of truffles and tasty, melted cheese!The freshly shucked oysters were from the neighbouring city of Ston and topped perfectly with a squeeze of lemon.


Our favourite mains were the beef with fig sauce and the fish stew which left us raving about the chef as we ate.

Dessert did not disappoint. We enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee, followed by home-made orange and walnut cake, and plate of flan (Croatia’s version of creme brûlée). Devine!

Feel like a cheap eat?

If you feel like a cheap eat, then exit via the Ploče Gate of Old Town and veer right. Within a few metres, you will see a bakery that serves freshly baked breads, donuts, bureks and danishes. This bakery was our saviour for breakfast and also served as a quick snack on our way to our tours. If anyone knows which bakery this is, do let me know!


What are is your favourite type of meal – cheap eat or fine dining? Tell me why below!

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