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Hi there! Yes, the title of this post is correct but let me explain why. I turned up on Monday morning (a few weeks ago) and when everyone shared their weekend events, I told them that I had been in Oslo and we had a barbecue. Before I could explain myself, they started to laugh about the “jet-setting Aussie” type who flies all the way to another country just to attend a party, or in my case, a barbecue. By the way, I did that for NYE 2012 so I’m not a stranger to such actions (click here for the post).

After the (friendly) laughter subsided, I explained the reason for my visit. Rick and I had visited our good friends Christel and Eirik, who happened to be Norwegians living in the lovely city of Oslo. If you remember as far back as the London Olympics, they had visited us for a week in London and wanted to show us their home turf (click here and here if you want to read the posts).

I met Christel about 6 years ago when she was studying in Australia. We  met while in kick boxing class, which surprises a lot of people as we do not look like the kick boxing type. Believe me, Christel has a strong kick and so do I! She is one of the nicest people I have met and like a pocket rocket with all the energy that she has. This is one of the reasons why we decided to visit Oslo. We wanted to spend time with Christel and her boyfriend Eirik and to get a feel of the city that they call home.


Christel and Eirik were such good hosts. We arrived at 11.30pm on Friday night and they picked us up from the station which is so very nice of them. They made us a delicious meal of Swedish meatballs with gravy, potatoes and vegetables as a midnight snack. We talked for hours and finally went to sleep at 2am – not that you could tell because it was still relatively light outside!

Oslo Opera house

The next morning, we were treated with a traditional Norwegian breakfast of brown cheese, freshly baked baguettes, salami and freshly blended fruit smoothie! This was the fuel that we needed to take a walk around the city of Oslo. We walked on the roof of the Oslo Opera House and sipped beers at the bar of the Oslo pier. The sun was out with full force and the atmosphere was buzzing.

Oslo Opera House


We then met up with some of their friends and walked another hour to a sandy beach that lead to the ocean. Eirik took out a disposable barbecue tray and started to make our delicious lunch of cheese burgers and sausages. The sausages were wrapped in lomper (flat potato bread) which I still think about to this day! The bread was thin and flat but slightly springy and smooth on the outside. Add some dried onions, tomato sauce and potato salad and you have yourself one of the tastiest hot dogs you can find! (Does anyone know if you can get them in the UK and where?)

In between bites of food, Christel convinced us to jump into the ocean and go for a swim. We had just experienced 5 minutes of rain and wanted to get in the ocean before the rain returned. The water was cold (15 degrees) yet exhilarating because the waves were slight and the water changed from shallow to deep quite quickly. We had to be careful not to be swept away with the waves (gentle as they were) so I stayed in the shallow end while the others swam to the nearest buoy.


At night, Christel and her friends took us out pizza followed by a game of Shuffle Board. Shuffle Board was played in a pub so you can drink your favourite cocktail while playing the game. The shuffle board is sprinkled with sand and the aim of the game is to get your token as close to the edge of the opposite end of the table as possible. It was a close match and competition was fierce but we ended up having a lot of fun!


We spent the final day of Oslo waking up late and eating a fresh breakfast of bacon and eggs, fruit smoothie and berries. Christel and Eirik really spoilt us with breakfast! We then enjoyed a barbecue with their friends and saw a glimpse of suburban life in this beautiful city. Their friends were so friendly and made us feel welcome by offering us food and drinks. I can see why Oslo was voted one of the best places to live (2009) – the people are lovely and the city is vibrant!

Have you or would you fly 2 hours to go to a party? If so, when or why? 

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