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I have a fascination with California, yes I do! As a child, I would wake up early every Saturday morning to watch California dreams and wonder whether I would ever get the chance to go to this place that seemed to boast continuous sunshine and positively perky people. Of course that was just a children’s TV show, but I do think that the real California life style is much better than the TV show ever depicted.

Venice Beach, California

We walked along Venice Beach and also explored the Venice Board Walk on a 3-wheeled bike so we saw a lot during our visit.

Venice Beach was my absolute favourite place to visit in California as there is something for everyone for everyone.

Why visit Venice Beach

  • Muscle Beach, made famous by the large congregation of body builders and fitness fanatics that make use of the beach-side gym. I especially enjoyed watching them climb the ropes with their bare hands while others did some very challenging (and unthinkable) yoga moves! It made me want to embrace the health and fitness lifestyle.
  • Music surrounds the Venice board walk and forms part of it’s unique environment. There are impromptu musicians entertaining the crowds, fortune readers, mimes and singers. I enjoyed watching the Latin American drummers heat up the beach like habanero peppers! 
  • Art is displayed in many market stalls at the other end of the board walk. You can see African and Latin American influenced paintings. We were not there to buy the paintings but it was wonderful to get a feel of the vibe!
  • The beach itself is a great place for people watching, from surfers to sunbathers, joggers to weight lifters, parents with prams and lovers holding hands. They all had something in common – they were absorbing the electrically, vibrant and absolutely enticing atmosphere!

Muscle Beach, Venice California

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Venice Beach, California

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