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What can be better than an In-N-Out burger? A french dipped meat sandwich from the one and only Philippe the Original. Philippe the Original has been around for over 100 years making delicious French Dipped Sandwiches, together with all american dishes such as macaroni salad, potato salad and home-made lemonade!

philippe the original

My inspiration for this post is from the TV Series “Man v Food”, where he attempted to try the french dipped sandwiches. When in LA, we did as the LA folk do. We  drove to downtown LA to experience the action ourselves.  Check out the video below if you haven’t seen the series:

When we arrived at Philippe’s, it was an odd hour, not quite dinner and not quite lunch. However, the lines were still long but went by really quickly. I ordered one french dipped beef sandwich; a baguette filled with tender beef which is dipped into the the combined juices of the meat. Rick ordered a double dipped pork sandwich; a baguette filled with juicy pork which is double dipped into the same pot of juicy gravy. After chatting to a few locals, we decided to go with their recommendation of sides; creamy potatoe salad and  macaroni salad, only ehanced by a side of home-made lemonade.

philippe the original

We sat in silence and enjoyed every moment of our delicious meal. The baguette was fresh and when double dipped in juices, it still retained it’s crunch. The restaurant itself made me feel like I was in a typical American diner (my favourite kind!) and the food had so much flavour that these pictures could not do it any justice.

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