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Santa Monica Pier is located towards the end of Venice Beach so we accidentally found this not-so-hidden gem during our bike ride down Venice Board Walk. The Santa Monica Pier has everything that your heart can desire. There is Pacific Park with its roller coaster, ferris wheel and other theme park rides. The Santa Monica Pier aquarium holds many beautiful sea creatures and the actual pier itself is home to many musicians and buskers. As you walk down the pier, you’ll see stalls selling candy and souvenirs. It is the fair-like atmosphere that turns this place from an average pier into a playground for young and old.

My favourite moment was when Rick and I walked along the edge of the pier to appreciate the sea view. As we walked towards the stairs, we turned to see a lady singing some of my favourite Disney songs. We stood with the audience as she continued to sing songs from Disney Princesses such as Ariel and Pocahontas, and was even brave enough to sing a few Celine Dione songs!

Where else but LA do you get to hear a street busker sound exactly like a Disney Princess?

Santa Monica Pier

Have you been to Santa Monica Pier? If so, what did you enjoy about it?

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