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Hello everyone! I hope that you are enjoying my posts about LA. After LA, Rick and I decided to do the LA to Santa Monica Scenic Drive along California State Route 1, which is considered one of the best scenic drives in the world.

Our first stop was Santa Barbara. This is where we rented fun-cycles as a way to view the long strip of beach. Rick and I had never driven a fun-cycle, nor have we ever seen one in our lives, but we thought “how hard can it be right?”.

We were right, after some getting used to, the fun-cycles were good to go.

Santa Barbara Beach

They moved at a snails pace but were perfect for enjoying the sunny weather in Santa Barbara. The fun-cycle had cover so I didn’t get too sun-burnt, yet I was still able to absorb my much-needed vitamin D.

Santa Barbara Beach

On the palm tree lined beach, we saw families playing with their children, surfers and sun-bathers. At the other end of the board-walk, we enjoyed viewing the boats on the harbour and the cute little restaurants on the pier.

Santa Barbara Beach

We spent so much time enjoying the scenery that two hours had past and we were already running late for our pitt stop to Cambria! We returned our fun-cycles, jumped into the rented convertible and crossed our fingers with the hope that restaurants were still open by the time we reached Cambria!

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