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Hi there! If you read my previous post, we had just spent the day riding a fun-cycle in Santa Barbara and were not sure whether we would make it to Cambria before the hotel front desk closed. For those who are wondering, we did! We arrived 10 minutes before check-in and were also guided towards a nearby restaurant just before it closed.

Even though it was summer in Cambria, we had to wear coats at night. If you decide to stop by Cambria during the Pacific Highway LA to San francisco Drive, then I strongly suggest that you bring some warm clothing! I had arrived wearing flip-flops and a summer dress but luckily had my coat in the car.

The Sea Chest Restaurant & Oyster Bar

The Sea Chest Restaurant & Oyster Bar was a life saviour for us as we had grown very hungry from the long drive. We were seated by the window and had an amazing view of Moonstone Beach and the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant was conveniently located next to our hotel so we did not have to travel far!

Sea Chest Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Cambria

The food was delicious and the ambience was cosy, only made better by the view of the sunset over Moonstone Beach. We enjoyed a selection of fresh seafood dishes such as oysters, clam chowder, sword fish and seafood pasta. This restaurant was a great suggestion and somewhere we would have gladly returned to if we had stayed in Cambria longer.

Sea Chest Restaurant & Oysters Bar Cambria

Elephant Seals by the Beach

We woke up bright and early the next morning to continue our journey. We decided to take a picture of the beach which is just outside of our hotel and were pleasantly surprised by these little guys!


They seemed very enthusiastic about our car and looked like they wanted to explore inside it! So cute!

Just before leaving Cambria, we paid a visit to the Elephant seals. The Elephant seals can be spotted along the beach and are usually found in large groups. We managed to spot a large group of elephant seals who were rolling around in the sand in the attempt to shed chunks of skin. It was quite fun seeing such large creatures in their natural habitat but to be honest, we only stayed there for 15 minutes. The seals really smelt and it was a windy day out!

Cambria Elephant Seals

Have you elephant seals in the wild? If so, comment below and post me a link so you can share with us all!

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