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The world famous Pike Place Fish Market is famous for it’s amazing selection of fresh seafood. You can buy anything from live lobsters, to extremely large scallops, King Sized prawns and oysters.

In Seattle, this is the only place that I wanted to visit but I did not go there to buy seafood.

I went to the Pike Place Fish Market to see flying fish!

That’s right. You have to be cautious of low flying fish because as you enter the Pike Place Fish Market, you will see men in overalls throwing fish at each other.

Once a customer makes their order, the staff member taking the order throws the fish across the store and calls out the name of the fish.

It is quite a sight to be seen because not only do you see fish flying from one side to another, the buzz that surrounds this activity is contagious.

A large crowd of people had gathered to see these men throw fish with such ease and positivity. Everyone was smiling and cheering as if they were watching a football match so you can see why this was one of my favourite memories of Seattle!

Flying fish at Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market

Flying fish at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market

Have you been to Seattle? If so, what other fun things are there to do? Comment below and share with us all!

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