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During my US trip, I have had my fair share of clam chowder in Monterey and again Cambria but this one wins the prize for the best chowder. Here are the reasons why:

  • Pike Place Chowder has a number of different types of chowder to sample and many of them have won awards. We enjoyed the New England Clam Chowder (featured in this big bowl below) and the Seafood Bisque (featured in the cup behind it). My favourite was the Seafood Bisque but both were extremely tasty!
  • They provide oyster crackers to put in your chowder and that gives the chowder an extra crunch
  • You can buy a crab roll to eat with your chowder as a side dish or main meal!
  • They serve the chowder in a round, fresh bowl made of sour dour. I like to eat the chowder first and when it is all gone, I then pull off the chowder-soaked bread, bit by bit.

Pike Place Chowder1

My friends and I queued for half an hour to get a taste of this chowder and we were not disappointed. After a big night out for my birthday, it gave us the boost that we needed to enjoy our time at the Pike Place Fish Market.

Pike Place Chowder2

I am sitting here in London writing this post, now trying to figure out how to find a place in London that serves chowder this good. *stomach grumbles* Do you know of any?

Where have you had the best clam or seafood chowder? Comment below and let me know. I have become obsessed with chowder and I can see why it is so popular in the West Coast!

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