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Welcome to my first guest blog! Today’s guest blogger is from someone who you have seen a lot in my blog posts. He is my husband and he is here to tell you where to find the best gyros in Santorini. The gyros stores are available all over Santorini and believe me, we have tried a lot of them! We have narrowed it down to our absolute favourite gyros restaurant and our critique is all based on taste tests. When it comes to good gyros, restaurant atmosphere or dazzling views does not matter. Prepare to get hungry.

Prior to travelling, our friends sent us a list of places to eat in Santorini, Greece. For each listing there were comments included such as

My friend highly recommended

….went there two or three times

Fresh seafood!!!!!

My Greek colleague recommended

Sunset views from this restaurant..

But there was one comment which caught my attention

best gyros on the island

Not knowing what a gyros was, I turned to google. From what I could gather, thin pieces of meat are shaved off a vertical spit and then served in an oiled, lightly grilled piece of pita, rolled up with tomato, onion, french fries and sauce. So essentially it is a donor kebab with the difference being the bread that the meat was wrapped in and the addition of french fries.

I was a bit intrigued as the other recommendations were for restaurants that served fresh seafood, lamb shanks, pasta dishes etc. Whereas this sounded like a recommendation for the Greek version of a place which, in Australia, sold food that you ate at the end of a long, boozy night.

We had to try them.

After a four hour flight from London to Santorini, a 45 minute drive from the airport and checking into our Cave house in Oia; we were feeling quite famished. We saw a shop selling gyros at the bus stop and decided to make our way there for a quick lunch.


Christine and I like trying different food, so we ordered a pork gyro and a chicken gyro. After taking the usual food photos, we took our first bite into the gyros. So many good things that came out of that first bite:

  • The pita bread was crispy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside

  • The meat was moist and tender

  • The sauce had perfectly combined with the juices of the meat

  • The tomato was the sweetest that we had ever tasted

  • The addition of the fries is pure brilliance


We looked at each other and just smiled before swapping gyros. After our second bite, we both agreed that, although the pork gyro was delicious, the chicken gyro was tastier.

How to find the best gyros place? Find the only bus stop in Oia that takes you between Oia and Fira. There will also be a tourist office across the road from the bus stop. You will find the store right next to the tourist office.

Do you guys love gyros? If so, where do you get the best gyros? Comment below and share with us all!

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