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Hello everyone! My Santorini blog series has been interrupted by a very important announcement! The Duchess of Cambridge has had a royal baby boy (yesterday)! Mum and baby are reported to be in good health and doing well. It is all very exciting!

The birth was publicly announced at Buckingham Palace after the Queen, the royal family and the Middletons had been informed. The announcement was placed on an an easel on front of a roaring crowd of spectators. In the meantime, a large crowd had gathered outside the Lindo wing of St Mary’s hospital as the town crier (wearing traditional town crier gear ofcourse!) formerly announced this important news.

I have followed the English royal family ever since I was able to read Woman’s Day magazine. My mother and grandmother would religiously buy this magazine as often as we would go grocery shopping. As a child, I would flick through the pages of the magazine eagerly awaiting the news of any royal adventures. I remember exactly where I was when each interesting moment happened. But I was always in Australia and far away from the action.

So my question to you is – where were you when the future King of England was born?

Now that I live in London, I can proudly say  I was in London when the future King was born! I may sound like a royalist, but really, I am just a believer of modern day fairy tales.

At the time of the birth, I was actually talking about the birth. I was on a conference call with my project team talking about ‘work stuff’ of course. The subject quickly changed when a colleague of mine couldn’t help but say “I’m waiting for the royal birth announcement”! She couldn’t contain her excitement and it was so contagious that we ended up talking about the topic for a large part of the call!

We were all wondering whether the future royal would be a King or Queen and whether we thought the birth would happen today or tomorrow. Everyone was in awe of this new royal baby and it created a buzz in the office that only happens during Christmas.

I know that a baby will not fix all of the world’s problems, but I do think that its birth has brought with it a much needed spark. A fascination that will continue to increase as England and the world watch it take its first steps, go to school and blossom into adulthood.

Yesterday, Kate and Will had a baby!

Where were you and what were you doing? Comment below and let me know.

p.s. my Santorini series will continue tomorrow but I will still continue to cheer outside of the blog-o-sphere!

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