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Have you ever wanted to see the remnants of an ancient civilization that was wiped away in 17th century BC?

Are you nodding your head with big fat yes?

Then visit Ancient Akrotiri, a site that was discovered and excavated in 1967 by the archeologist, Spyridon Marinatos, who spent a large part of his career looking for something this magnificent.

Marinatos discovered the port city of the Minoans, a city that was destroyed and preserved by a volcanic eruption in 17th Century BC and is now referred to as Ancient Akrotiri.


We first visited Akrotiri on our way to Red Beach. At first, I was not fussed about seeing Akrotiri. I thought it was yet another ancient ruin but as I continued to walk through the excavation site, I studied the state of the buildings. Akrotiri displays multi-story buildings, an advanced drainage system and ornate art works.

The Minoan civilization seemed to be a thriving and prosperous society that was incredibly advanced for their time.

Unlike similar sites like Pompeii, archeologists have not yet found human skeletons which indicates that the city was abandoned during the volcanic eruption and before it was enveloped in pumice and ash. That is pretty remarkable for a city that existed during a time when telephones were not yet invented! They must have been warned in some way!

Have you  been to Akrotiri or visited a place that is similar? If so, let me know in the comments below.


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